A land that revitalises, always, and in all ways

Discover the ancient wonders and modern marvels of AlUla, Saudi Arabia. Explore 200,000 years of human history in enduring luxury and splendour.

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Discover AlUla’s promise

Welcome to AlUla

AlUla is a place of eternal rejuvenation, where heritage, culture, art, and adventure meet – all set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

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Get to know her

Take a deeper look at the fascinating stories of AlUla.

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Discover AlUla

Understand the icons of AlUla and how you can experience them

Remembering the past

Be revitalised by the awe of Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, an important city at the nexus of the Nabataean controlled Incense Road trading route. This ancient wonder holds within it a wealth of heritage and history dating back more than 2000 years, and far beyond Saudi Arabia’s borders. One doesn’t need look far to see the evidence of Greek and Roman influence in the site, with intricate pristinely preserved carvings in the facades of the monumental sandstone tombs.

Lost treasures of Arabia

Experience the revitalising wonder of Dadan, the site of not one, but two ancient kingdoms. From the Dadanites to the Lihyanites, Dadan is an archaeological treasure trove, with new finds, including colossal statues. Distinctive lion carvings adorn the tombs of royalty set high into the red stone mountains that overlook the oasis—the nurturing force that drew these civilisations to AlUla thousands of years ago.

Carving a story

Let the stories of ancient travellers revitalise you at Jabal Ikmah. One of the highest concentrations of ancient inscriptions in Saudi Arabia, Jabal Ikmah is an ‘open air’ library documenting the lives of travellers as they passed through AlUla, dating back as far as the first millennium BCE. Thousands of inscriptions in early forms of the Arabic language including Dadanite and Aramaic tell graphic tales of weddings, offerings and simple marks of passage. Standing within the soaring canyon one cannot help but feel humbled to be surrounded by this ancient history so near yet so far. 

Architectural illusion

Within AlUla’s Ashar Valley lies the Maraya, the world’s largest mirrored building. Meaning ‘mirror’ in Arabic, this spectacular architectural masterpiece appears like a mirage, and is just as captivating from a distance as it is up close, and from within. A stunning and unique venue that has already hosted the world’s foremost performers and events, as well as local, regional and international contemporary art exhibitions. The Maraya is a modern day wonder, and a perfect addition to the art in the landscape that AlUla is becoming known for.

A nourishing lifeline

The AlUla Oasis. A constant source of sustenance and shelter for millennia that’s now extending the same welcome to today’s travellers to relax, and revitalise. From the ancient Nabataeans, whose very name derives from their expertise in harnessing the water supply, to today, the oasis’ natural springs have helped grow civilisations, along with date palms, citrus, moringa and fragrant herbs. Now, travellers can experience the very same nurturing qualities, but with a new level of comfort, as the oasis is also now home to a variety of cuisine and wellness offerings throughout.

Stargazing unlike anywhere else

Far from the city lights, deep in the desert, the night sky of AlUla comes to life in a dazzling display of stars the likes of which can only be experienced in a handful of places on earth. Stargazing at Gharameel is the revitalising experience of a lifetime. With otherworldly sandstone formations around you, and a blanket of stars above, expert Rawis tell the stories of the constellations themselves, all while you enjoy a traditional dinner in this magical setting.

In the spotlight

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