Sharaan Nature Reserve

A protected ecosystem

Covering 1,500 square kilometres, the beautiful Sharaan Nature Reserve is a treasure trove of natural wonders. Central to it is the restoration of its sensitive ecosystem, which in turn allows the preservation and protection of endangered animals such as Arabian wolves, gazelles and large-eared red foxes, all of which are thriving thanks to the efforts of conservation experts. It’s hoped that critically endangered Arabian Leopards will be reintroduced to Sharaan Nature Reserve in the future.

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Who calls it home?

Dotted throughout its soaring red-rock canyons, sprawling desert and valleys carpeted in delicate wildflowers are a variety of animals such as red-necked ostriches, Nubian ibex, Idmi gazelles, Cape hares, and rock hyraxes have been spotted by a lucky few on a guided tour in an 4x4 vehicle. Look out, too, for an abundance of birdlife such as bee-eaters, eagles and dappled crested larks.

Abundance of native species

Indigenous to this stunning landscape are acacia trees, whose arching branches provide shade for flowering grasses that flutter in desert breezes. There are also deceptively leafless thickets that daintily erupt with light pink blossoms and several rare species, including Pulicaria incisa — an aromatic herb with small but vibrant yellow sunflower blooms.

Experiences at Sharaan Nature Reserve

A 4x4 adventure awaits

Safari Sharaan

Difficulty level: Light

Sit back and relax as a professional guide drives you across this protected area of red-rock canyons, broad valleys, open desert areas and rocky outcrops. Enjoy viewing natural sandstone structures, admiring the biodiversity of the desert, and deciphering ancient symbols and rock carvings.

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Know Before You Go 

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Sharaan Nature Reserve, Saudi Arabia

This natural habitat stands to the northeast of Hegra and Elephant Rock, approximately 45 minutes from AlUla's Old Town.

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Red-necked ostriches, Arabian ibex, Idmi gazelles, Cape hares and rock hyraxes can be spotted in Sharaan Nature Reserve as well as birdlife including bee-eaters, eagles and dappled crested larks. In the future, it’s hoped that Critically Endangered Arabian Leopards will be reintroduced to the reserve.

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The reserve is a protected area that covers 1,500 square kilometres.

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Yes, you can see the reserve from a 4x4 vehicle. During your trip a professional and experienced guide will point out interesting things and help you spot wildlife and learn more about the abundant flora of the area.

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Children must be aged eight or over to join a safari.

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Visitors are encouraged to wear neutral colours such as khaki, green and grey. It can get cold in the early morning and late afternoon so it’s advisable to bring a jacket.

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Yes, photography is permitted. Guests are reminded to take photos without obstructing the view of other passengers sharing the safari vehicle.

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