Volcanic desert ecosystem

Surrounded by ancient volcanic terrain that looks almost otherworldly, the ancient kingdom of Khaybar is a geologically fascinating area that is a great example of how the desert can act as a thriving ecosystem able to support a variety of plant life and creatures.

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Abundance of life

A geological treasure with an unforgettable landscape, Khaybar is a unique site born from desert volcanic activity. The ecology supports an abundance of native plant and animal life. The natural conditions of freshwater springs and ‘wadis’ create an oasis that has encouraged waves of settled and nomadic human activity.

Aerial archaeology

From the skies, the monumental scale of Khaybar unfolds in full. Aerial archaeology and photography continue to bring new discoveries and areas of expert study that are reshaping our understanding of the early history of northwest Arabia and its connection to the wider region.


Takya offers a wonderfully contemporary and colourful twist on traditional Saudi cooking. Accompanying this special dining experience are fabulous views over the Khaybar landscape while you eat.

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Khaybar, Saudi Arabia

Khaybar is located around 200km south east of AlUla, on the main road to/from Madinah and Jeddah. The transfer from AlUla, as part of the Khaybar Day Trip package, takes 2 hours 15 minutes in a luxury coach.

There are three main attractions year round; the Old Town, which remained inhabited until the 1980's, the oasis known as Ain AlJammah and Hasat AlDabal, and then Harrat Khaybar, the name given to the vast volcanic landscape.

The oasis provides year round shelter from any weather extremes, but for a real taste of history, the Ancient Kingdoms Festival in November comes to Khaybar - as well as AlUla and Tayma - for a series of a special activations.

Yes, Takya offers traditional Saudi cuisine with a contemporary flourish from a unique location overlooking the stunning landscape.

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