AlUla Desert Blaze

Even with AlUla’s relatively temperate summer temperatures, this sweltering running challenge is sure to be the hottest race in the Kingdom.


Aug 2024

Age Restrictions

16 years and above

Difficulty level



"The first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, AlUla Desert Blaze tests the endurance of the very toughest of runners. Taking place in the heat of the summer, this road race pushes the limits of participants from all over the world. Distances include 5km, 10km, half marathon (21km) and an epic full marathon (42km). The inaugural edition of AlUla Desert Blaze passed through AlUla’s most iconic sites, taking runners on a journey through time linking the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra with the modern wonder of Maraya. Medical and water support stations are set up at numerous points along the routes to help ensure the safety of participants. "

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