AlUla Desert Blaze

From SAR 70

Race date

24 Aug 2024

Mandatory pre-race briefing

23 Aug 2024


Advanced booking required; Registration coming soon

Race meeting location

Hegra Visitor Centre

Operated by

Race Arabia

Age restrictions

16+ (5km, 10km), 18+ (21km, 42km)

Race location parking

Hegra Visitor Centre


AlUla Desert Blaze returns, pushing the toughest runners to their limits in the scorching summer. With 5km, 10km, half marathon (21km), and full marathon (42km) distances, participants pass iconic sites from Hegra to Maraya in this ultimate bucket list race, from the region's leading organiser of endurance events.

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Experience location

Hegra Visitor Centre

Event Information

Taking place in the hottest month of the year, AlUla Desert Blaze pushes the limits of participants from all over the world. Runners will pass through AlUla's most iconic sites, where the epic landscapes inspire them to push through to the finish. There is no other race like this in the region, making the AlUla Desert Blaze a 'blaze of glory' for those daring enough to take on this formidable challenge against nature.

Choose your race based on the following details, keeping your stamina and fitness into account:

5km from SAR 70

Minimum Age: 16 (Parent sign-off required for under 18)
This is a Hegra short loop, allowing for runners to get short peak at the UNESCO heritage site. It's a perfect starting point for those hoping to persue longer distances in upcoming events.

10km from SAR 120
Minimum Age: 16 (Parent sign-off required for under 18)
This is a full Hegra loop, passing Tomb of Lihyan son of Kuza, Jabal Banat and exiting past Jabal Khuraymat tombs. It's the perfect way to kick start your morning on a blazing summer morning.

21km from SAR 200
Minimum Age: 18
This is a a double loop of Hegra, allowing you to explore Hegra and fully take in the sights of this heritage area.

42km from SAR 350
Minimum Age: 18
This is from Hegra to Maraya, from ancient to modern civilisations. This is a once-in-a-lifetime marathon. In the heat, challenge yourself as you start the day with a loop around Hegra to then run past a winding farm road with excellent scenery to finally enter Ashar Valley and run past the iconic Maraya.

Yes, there are both. On Saturday, the race will start at 08:00 for all distances, with a cut-off time of 14:00. The race village will open at 06:30 for a coffee, warm-ups and socialising.

The pre-racing brief is for your safety to ensure that all racers follow our guidelines and understand the race route. Yes, this is mandatory, unless previously stated by the participant that they won't be able to attend on the registration link. It will be from 18:30 onwards on the day before the race.

Yes, please! There will be two food trucks, ice cream, juice, and coffee stations, plus music and entertainment, including shaded and fanned areas for resting.

Yes, there will be post-event celebrations and an award ceremony to celebrate the winners and the efforts of all runners, plus music and entertainment.

Practical information and safety

The race meeting point is the Hegra Visitor Centre, which participants can get to by car or by bus transfer. Parking is available at the Hegra Visitor Centre and there will be bus transfers available from Winter Park to Hegra. More detailed information to come.

Medical and water support stations are set up at numerous points (approximately 2km apart) along the routes to help ensure the safety of participants. There will also be a roaming ambulance and main clinic at the race village with physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, massages and ice bath options.

Even with AlUla’s relatively temperate summer temperatures, expect sweltering heat during the day. The evenings are cool with the low humidity, allowing for pleasant outdoor dining.

Yes, there will be facilities for this.

Participants should wear lightweight and breathable fabric clothing (shirt, shorts, tights). Please also make sure to wear SPF,
a cap, and running shoes, preferably lighter colours.

You can collect your race bib and timing chip at the briefing session, the day before the race from 18:30 onwards. If notified during your registration that you can't make it to the briefing, you can pick them up at the race village on the day of the race.

Yes, you can change your distance; please check with Race Arabia.

Still need help?

The team at Race Arabia has taken their passion and experience from participating and managing international-level sporting events, and have applied that here in the Kingdom to provide those experiences for our local community. For more information on the organization, ticket purchases, refunds, and exchanges, please visit the Race Arabia website.

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