Architectural illusion

Maraya is an architectural wonder that has quickly reached icon status. Upon approaching this magnificent mirrored structure in AlUla’s Ashar Valley you may feel your eyes are deceiving you as Maraya seems to disappear into the surrounding sandstone cliffs before swiftly reappearing. A multi-purpose venue for concerts, events and conferences, Maraya — meaning ‘mirror’ in Arabic — is the largest mirrored building in the world and is a piece of art in itself.

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9,740 reflective glass panels

The shell of the venue lends Maraya a futuristic aesthetic while simultaneously giving it a timeless simplicity and purity. As sunlight skips around its exterior, Maraya harmoniously and respectfully blends into the natural beauty of the desert canyon in which it stands. Further connection to the landscape is accomplished by a 26-metre floor-to-ceiling facade within the venue that can be opened to reveal panoramic views of Ashar Valley.

The architect

Florian Boje of Milan-based architecture studio Gio Forma who designed Maraya, explains, “The reflections give a deep sense of the connection of human heritage with nature.”

Legends from around the world

International stars such as Usher, OneRepublic, Alicia Keys, Andrea Bocelli, John Legend and Seal have played the technologically advanced 500-seat Maraya Concert Hall, as have regional talents Mohamed Abdo, Angham, Omar Khairat, Abdulmajeed Abdullah, Majid Al Mohandis, Kadim Al Sahir and Assala Nasri. Maraya has also hosted notable events including an Andy Warhol art exhibition and the Hegra Conference of Nobel Laureates

Dine at Maraya

Maraya Social by Jason Atherton

A selection of sharing plates and quality mocktails are sourced from seasonal produce and feature Mediterranean, Arabian and British cuisine all served in Atherton's signature style. This multifaceted gastronomic concept offers a place where you can relax, dine, meet, and socialise, coupled with glorious reflection of the rock-strewn canyons of Ashar Valley.

Know Before You Go 

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Maraya, Saudi Arabia

Maraya is a beautiful, Guinness World Record holding mirror-clad building that is a multi-purpose venue with rooms, halls and auditoriums for performing arts, business conferences and meetings.

You’ll find Maraya in the Ashar Valley, located a 20-minute drive away from the centre of AlUla.

No, there is currently no access to the inside of Maraya. Guests with reservations for Maraya Social will use the valet parking entrance and take a lift up directly to the restaurant.

Maraya Social is a fine dining restaurant from acclaimed British chef Jason Atherton that sits on top of Maraya. You must have a reservation to dine at Maraya Social, which serves a menu that is inspired by Mediterranean, British and Middle Eastern cuisine.

The auditorium has 500 seats and has seen performances from major international artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Alicia Keys and John Legend, as well as regional music stars covering many musical genres.

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