Volcanic desert ecosystem

Khaybar’s striking volcanic desert ecosystem and rich historical significance make it one of the world’s best-kept secrets. A uniquely enigmatic destination, culture meets nature and heritage to create a remarkable landscape.

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From the skies

From the skies, the monumental scale of Khaybar unfolds in full. Aerial archaeology and photography continue to bring new discoveries and areas of expert study that are reshaping our understanding of the early history of northwest Arabia and its connection to the wider region.

Harrat Khaybar

The ancient volcanic landscape of Khaybar was shaped by lava flows that have sculpted the terrain, revealing important stories from the depths of the earth.

Ain AlJammah & Hasat AlDabal

The ancient oasis of Khaybar is home to a wealth of plant and animal life. This uniquely bio-diverse area has played an essential role in the history of humankind for several millennia, nourished by life-giving fresh water.

Khaybar Old Town

Inhabited until the 1980's, the remains of the Khaybar Old Town still carry traces of the cultural life and generational memory in this influential oasis of northwest Arabia.

Dine in Khaybar


1 Nov 2023 - 31 Mar 2024 | Daily

Takya offers a wonderfully contemporary and colourful twist on traditional Saudi cooking. Accompanying this special dining experience are fabulous views over the Khaybar landscape while you eat.

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Emerging archaeological hub

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