A haven for physical and emotional rejuvenation

The key to unlocking the heart of AlUla can be found in the oasis. For hundreds of years, weary travellers trudged across energy-sapping desert sands under the punishing heat of the sun and into the alluring oasis of AlUla and its welcome greenery.

Just as the waters of the oasis have enabled AlUla to flourish, visitors today travel to embark on their journey of growth, healing and revitalisation.

Many visitors to AlUla remark on the stillness that pervades it. This sense of peace makes AlUla the ideal environment for people to pause and reflect on their lives before deciding to begin a new chapter of rejuvenation. Simply lying beneath the palms amidst the tranquillity of the oasis can be a transformational, mindful experience in itself, while there is also a burgeoning wellness scene where physical exercises and holistic treatments are routinely offered in resorts like Our Habitas AlUla and Banyan Tree AlUla. The luxurious sanctuary at the latter uses natural and native ingredients in holistic therapies that blend Asian rituals with Saudi Arabian traditions, while Thuraya Wellness at Our Habitas AlUla takes more of a global approach with its menu of treatments that often employ ancestral practices to generate a sense of wellbeing.

As well as conventional spa treatments such as massage and reflexology, visitors can explore other areas of wellness such as meditation, sound healing, ice bathing, breathwork, acupuncture and dry needling for a memorable experience that aims to connect the guest not only to their inner self but also to the rugged beauty of AlUla’s natural landscape.

Accompanying these daily rituals that refresh the mind, body and soul of visitors is the AlUla Wellness Festival, an annual event that invites guests to participate in classes and workshops led by some of the world’s most respected practitioners. Offering a place for self-discovery and renewal, the festival immerses people in the natural surroundings of AlUla to ignite their transformative journey and welcome them into a like-minded community. Similarly, the Five Senses Sanctuary is a series of unique outdoor spaces at AlUla that offer full-day wellness experiences designed to engage the senses, spark dialogue and inspire change.

AlUla was once a haven for travellers on journeys that were long and arduous but today – thanks to its all-encompassing wellness programme – it can also be the first step in a meaningful journey that is spiritually joyous and uplifting.