Where life overflows

The AlUla Oasis. A constant source of sustenance and shelter for millennia that’s now extending the same welcome to you, to relax and revitalise. From the ancient Nabataeans, whose very name derives from their expertise in harnessing the water supply, to today, the oasis’ natural springs have helped grow civilisations, along with date palms, citrus, moringa and fragrant herbs. Now, you can experience its nurturing qualities at a new comfort level.

Wander beneath soaring palm trees and take shelter from the desert sun. Roam along the Heritage Oasis Trail and mix with local families taking picnics, catch a glimpse of farmers tending their wild crops, or simply relax in the cool, refreshing shade as have so many of over the centuries.

The Oasis is also where you will find unique wellness and culinary experiences. Dine on ‘Oasis to Table’ cuisine at one of the home-grown restaurants, or take a cooking class. Taste a fusion of Arabic and Mediterranean flavours. Enjoy a yoga session in unmatched serenity. Whatever senses you seek to rejuvenate, you can do so in the Oasis.

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Old Town and the Oasis

AlUla welcomed travellers with a place to stop and rest, giving merchants a marketplace in which to trade.

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Sustainable, Local and Socially Beneficial

Among the Nabataean kingdom's many achievements, the way they harnessed and managed water stands out.

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