Uplifting adventures

AlUla is a land of discovery, an uncharted territory. Appreciate ancient sites, cultures and traditions with experiences that aim to surprise, entertain and offer new perspectives.  

From outdoor adventure and thrills, to the stillness of the soul, body and mind, AlUla’s rejuvenating and revitalising qualities come with being at one with one of mother nature's true masterpieces.

Feel like a spec in the universe as you hike through epic canyons pointing out thousand-year-old rock art. Float high above the majestic rock formations in a hot air balloon as it traces rivulets of red through the desert at sunset. Fly through a black basalt volcanic canyon by zipline, or get the legs and the heart pumping while you cycle on brand-new scenic bike paths or unworn mountain tracks. 

The silence and monumentality in her majesty is already a tonic for the mind, body and soul. Combine that with a superior spa offer at one of the desert resorts and nature experiences such as meditation in the oasis, sound healing, desert drumming, and massage therapies using local plants and oils. Wellness in AlUla is just as much about what you are experiencing as it is about the environment in which you are experiencing it.

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A haven for physical and emotional rejuvenation

Just as the waters of the oasis have enabled AlUla to flourish, visitors today travel to embark on their journey of growth, healing and revitalisation.

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Pulse-quickening with purpose

Whatever your activity, the landscape and activity within can be a gateway to learning about history, nature, and wildlife.

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