The heart of AlUla

In AlUla, you’ll experience a unique and enduring culture that permeates all aspects of life. With a rich history spanning 7,000 years of civilisation and serving as the cradle of ancient kingdoms, AlUla has long been a hub for cultural celebrations and social cohesion—all infused by a quintessentially Arabian hospitality. 

Within AlUla’s Ashar Valley lies the spectacular Maraya, the world’s largest mirrored building. Meaning ‘mirror’ in Arabic, this architectural masterpiece appears like a mirage, and is just as captivating from a distance as it is up close, and from within. A stunning and unique venue that has already hosted the world’s foremost performers and events, as well as local, regional and international contemporary art exhibitions.

AlUla Old Town has been meticulously revived over recent years, and it’s here in the main street where visitors feel that they have been transported into an ancient Arabian fairytale. Enjoy cultural celebrations, including the annual Tantora Celebration, musical performances, immersive theatre, literary events and parades that keep traditions alive. Or, simply enjoy the glow of the blue hour, strolling down the main street, talking to locals, and browsing the local retailers for authentic, locally-made souvenirs. AlUla continued to be a haven for trade long after the Incense Road brought thriving communities to northwest Arabia. 

Throughout the year, the festivals and events of AlUla Moments take old traditions and reimagine them for today's travellers. Rejuvenate mind, body and spirit with the world’s leading practitioners at the Wellness Festival. Witness performers bring heritage to life at the Ancient Kingdoms Festivals…the list is as endless as AlUla is Forever Revitalising.

Discover AlUla's rich culture

Uncovering The Origins Of Arabic

Beyond the walls of Jabal Ikmah, AlUla’s connection to Arabic literature and poetry can be traced to the 7th century.

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The Desert Rocks

The spirit of performance thrives in AlUla. And its beating heart is Maraya, an extraordinary structure.

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