A gallery of time

AlUla is a place where artists find inspiration and a profound connection to the tapestry of heritage, contributing their own to a story that continues to evolve through time.

Sitting adjacent to the maze of mud, stone and brick buildings of AlUla’s Old Town is the AlJadidah Arts District. In the streets, squares and community spaces of AlJadidah (new town), explore boutiques featuring local designer fashion, jewellery and homewares, stop in at art galleries and studio spaces and have a bite to eat at one of the alfresco cafes lining the streets or the food trucks in the squares. 

At the wonderfully rustic but modern, Design Space AlUla, explore the design principles of future AlUla and engage with the work of emerging and established designers and architects shaping the aesthetic of AlUla.

Nearby, visit Madrasat Addeera—the Old Girl’s school that is now leading the way in rejuvenating traditional arts and crafts by teaching local women and men skills, including weaving, calligraphy, stone-carving, pigment making, ceramics, leatherwork, jewellery and more. Workshops are also available for visiting travellers. 

You don't have to go far to see how AlUla inspires artists of all disciplines. Over three consecutive editions, Desert X AlUla has left a lasting impression with art-in-the-landscape by international and local contemporary artists visible across the ancient oasis city. Permanent artworks from previous editions can be seen at Habitas Resort and at the site of what will be Wadi AlFann - an art destination in its own right with permanent artworks spanning across a 65 sq km desert canvas that will be open to the public in 2026.

With regular Artist Residencies also inviting artists to create artworks inspired by the culture, history and landscapes, and the annual AlUla Arts Festival becoming a must-do for art lovers - the renaissance of creativity in AlUla, which has inspired artists for thousands of years, is real.

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