Natural Heritage

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AlUla is a region of astonishing natural beauty, a beauty that is only now beginning to reveal itself to the world. 

Countless sandstone formations rise from the desert sands, surrounded by extraordinary geology, colours and patterns of nature that continue to evolve as civilisations come and go. The other-worldly formations of Gharameel make the perfect backdrop for a night of stargazing. 

Elephant Rock (Jabal Alfil), with its silhouette and trunk so unmistakably elephant-like, one can be excused for thinking a skilled artist carved it from antiquity. However, the sculptor here is time itself, using the tools of wind and water to create a natural wonder best enjoyed in the golden hour when the sun sets behind this pachyderm and lights up this wonder of nature - a photographer’s dream.

Amidst this wild and enigmatic landscape lies six protected nature reserves, all of which are central to restoring AlUla’s unique ecology. In the stunning Sharaan Nature Reserve, discover valleys carpeted in delicate wildflowers, hidden ancient inscriptions, and its recently re-introduced wildlife. Nubian Ibex, Idmi Gazelles, ostriches, hares, foxes, wolves, birds, and more all thrive here. 

But the most ambitious of all these projects is the re-introduction of the Arabian Leopard. This critically endangered species is now part of a breeding program that aims to save this majestic big cat from extinction and restore balance in this natural environment, so it can be part of AlUla’s story again. 

Explore AlUla's natural heritage

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