A Taste of AlUla by Rizzoli

A Taste of AlUla by Rizzoli

Explore fusion and creativity in "A Taste of AlUla". This beautiful book by @Rizzoli presents 30 recipes, each exclusively created by the culinary arts school FERRANDI Paris. Perfectly paired with stunning photography.

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"A Taste of AlUla offers so much more than a traditional recipe book. It covers a reimagined territory, inspired by the AlUla region’s magnificent landscapes, as well as by products grown in the oases or passed on through traditional trade, deeply rooted in the Saudi culture of sharing. "
Bruno de Monte , Director of FERRANDI Paris

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  • Ithra Bookstore Dammam, KSA
  • Athr Gallery Jeddah, KSA
  • Kinokuniya Dubai + Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Kinokuniya Malaysia
  • Art Jameel (Soon) Dubai, UAE
  • Classic Bookshop Palm Beach, Florida (USA)
  • Elliott Bay Book Seattle, USA
  • Politics & Prose Bookstore Washington D.C., USA
  • Powell’s Bookstore Pacific Northwest, USA
  • Rizzoli Bookstores NYC, USA
  • Rizzoli Bookstores Paris, France
  • Rizzoli Bookstores Milan, Italy
  • Skylight Books Los Angeles, USA
  • Sundog Books Florida, USA
  • Wilson Book Gallery Wyoming, USA
  • Panta Rhei Madrid, Spain
  • FNAC Paris, France
  • BHV Rivoli Paris, France
  • Gibert Joseph Paris, France
  • Librairie L’arbre A Lettres Paris, France
  • Librairie L’écume Des Pages Paris, France
  • Librairie Calligrammes Paris, France

A Taste of AlUla by Rizzoli

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