Set in stone

Sculpted by the sands and winds of time, the unique landscape of AlUla takes the breath away on each and every viewing.

A natural wonder

Colour abounds in AlUla, from the sandstone found in the majestic Hijaz Mountains to the mesmerising fields of black basalt formed from volcanic lava that last flowed less than 4,500 years ago. Among the canyons and red cliff faces that change colour as the sun slides across the sky during the day are magnificent rock formations that have taken the form of recognisable objects.

Iconic landmarks

Perhaps AlUla’s most famous rock star is Elephant Rock that resembles an elephant with its trunk resting on the ground. Arch Rock, Face Rock, the Dancing Rocks and Gharameel are other geological highlights of AlUla.

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The valleys, canyons and mountains in northwest Arabia are a natural wonder of huge geological importance

AlUla Skies

10 Apr - 20 Apr 2024

During the day, hot air balloons and helicopters offer spectacular flights over AlUla's breathtaking scenery. And come nightfall, you can return to earth for the likes of stargazing, symphonies and drone shows that will add to some unforgettable memories.

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