Ancient Kingdoms in Tayma

Ancient Kingdoms in Tayma

16 Nov - 2 Dec

Tayma, the emerging achaeological hub

Tayma’s story is one of legacy, power and legend. A destination with an outstanding history of ancient cultures, today’s travellers can journey along the famed Incense Road to reach Tayma – the land of the last Babylonian King and other extraordinary figures embedded into the region’s fascinating history.

Must See in Tayma

26 Oct 2023 - 1 Mar 2024 | Daily

Tayma Camp

Embrace the Bedouin life with a stop-off at a traditional desert camp on your way to Tayma. Feel history come to life as you engage in authentic Bedouin experiences in a beautifully remote location. Try your hand at handicrafts, camel riding and falconry before resuming your journey to Tayma.

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1 Nov 2023 - 31 Mar 2024 | Daily

Mirzam Restaurant

From lamb mansaf to chicken mugalgal, Mirzam serves up a beautifully presented menu of classic Saudi Arabian dishes for an authentic taste of flavourful regional cooking. The open-air restaurant is also located right in front of the ancient Bir Haddaj well, one of the largest in Arabia.

Mirzam is located in the heart of Tayma, an emerging achaeological hub.

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26 Oct 2023 - 31 Jan 2024 | Wed - SAT

Tayma Live!

Watch exciting reenactments of ancient royalty in a historically revealing show filled with music and drama. Part of the Tayma Heritage Tour, Tayma Live uncovers the intriguing story of Nabonidus, a spirited ruler and the last king of the Babylonian Empire.

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16 Nov 2023 - 30 Jan 2024 | Daily

The Palace Guest

The imposing Qasr Ibn Rumman is the setting for a festival of storytelling that explains how The Land of Kings was shaped. This grand palace built in the 1700s comprises mosques, paths and courtyards that envelop visitors in a show that is part of the Tayma Heritage Tour.

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16 Nov 2023 - 30 Jan 2024 | Thu-Sat

King Nabonidus Parade

A celebratory occasion that is included with the Tayma Heritage Tour, the King Nabonidus Parade takes visitors back in time via a colourful piece of performance that explores the regal history of this ancient city.

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From 26 Oct 2023 to 9 Mar 2024 Tayma Heritage Tour

Explore the fascinating history of Tayma, once home to legendary personalities such as the last native Babylonian king. You can also enjoy a range of immersive experiences from ancient reenactments to musical performances.

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From 26 Oct 2023 to 9 Mar 2024 Tayma Day Trip including return transfer from AlUla

This day-long excursion to the Land of Kings includes return transfer from AlUla to Tayma. Discover Tayma's network of heritage sites that continue to fascinate archaeologists worldwide and experience the unprecedented ancient and recent history of Tayma.

Return transfer from AlUla to Tayma, available at 10 am daily.

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Last Year's Highlights

Check out last year's edition of the Ancient Kingdoms Festival 2022, including the After Dark heritage experiences, as well as experiences in Khaybar and Tayma, for a taste of what to expect this time around. Find more videos from the Ancient Kingdoms Festival on the AlUla Moments YouTube channel.

Tayma Heritage Tour

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Discover Tayma

Explore Tayma, the Land of Kings - home to the last Babylonian King. Learn more about a region that has long been considered a sister oasis to AlUla and Khaybar in legacy, legend, and heritage.

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Experience the sister oases

During the Ancient Kingdoms Festival, AlUla stands shoulder to shoulder with the other great oases of northwest Arabia - Khaybar and Tayma - in welcoming visitors from across the world for an unprecedented experience of history that spans millennia.


AlUla, the heartbeat of Ancient Kingdoms

Encompassing more than 200,000 years of unexplored human history, AlUla is a destination of extraordinary human and natural heritage. It is home to countless historic treasures, including the Nabatean city of Hegra - Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage site, and the tombs of Dadan - the stone-built capital of the Dadanite and Lihyanite Kingdoms.

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Khaybar, the volcanic desert ecosystem

Khaybar’s striking volcanic desert ecosystem and rich historical significance make it one of the world’s best-kept secrets. A uniquely enigmatic destination, culture meets nature and heritage to create an exceptionally remarkable landscape. Journey outside of AlUla and discover Khaybar’s timeless heritage sites and its breathtakingly epic scenery.

Explore Ancient Kingdoms in Khaybar

Ancient Kingdoms Festival 2023

16 Nov - 2 Dec

Immersive and enriching, the festival aims to ignite a lifelong curiosity and sense of connection with the pivotal stories of the past that shape our understanding of the present.

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