AlUla Camel Cup

The AlUla Camel Cup returns for a second edition of ‘The Pinnacle of Camel Racing’. A true spectator sport, visitors can experience multiple days of exhilarating camel races and get a taste of one of the region’s oldest sports. Be one of the chic onlookers cheering on these magnificent animals as they compete for the high prize.


Apr 2024


The AlUla Camel Cup Experience

The Heritage Village
This trackside venue offered visitors plenty of space for leisure and relaxation, including restaurants and food stalls, a qafila-style retail experience, and grandstand seating. It played host to a variety of music and artistic shows, too, while craft workshops provided hands-on, camel-themed fun for visitors of all ages.

The History
The abundance of camel carvings etched into the area's ancient rock bear witness to the pivotal role these iconic ‘ships of the desert’ have played in AlUla culture and civilisation for millennia. And camel racing can be traced as far back as the seventh century, putting it among the region’s oldest – and most popular – sports.

The Trophy
The winner of the AlUla Camel Cup received a priceless, one-of-a kind trophy crafted from sterling silver and 24-carat gold plate. The expert craftsmen at Thomas Lyte had incorporated a design paying homage to the region’s beauty, featuring camels, rock art, and depictions of AlUla’s landscape.

The Fashion
A highlight of the social calendar, AlUla Camel Cup was the place to see and be seen, and to dress your best. An on-site fashion boutique meant you could add to your wardrobe, too. What’s more, branded merch by Saudi Bronx – the first and only American camel racing team owned by Swizz Beatz – brought some NYC street-style to the mix.