AlUla Camel Cup

The ‘Pinnacle of Camel Racing’ returned to AlUla for its second edition and made history — Day One saw the first-ever female-only race, with an AlUla victory by Rima AlHarbi — and the remaining days were a showcase of speed, skill, and tradition. The event had several activities for family and friends, from mouthwatering eateries to shopping experiences and entertainment. The lively Mughayra Heritage Sports Village, buzzing with activity throughout the event, also featured an interview with the world-renowned Grammy-winning DJ Swizz Beatz. With stunning hospitality and a wonderful atmosphere, watch out for the AlUla Camel Cup next year.

The Camel Cup Experience

Immersive cultural experiences

Revitalising ancient sporting customs, camel racing is deeply rooted in the cultural history of the Kingdom and the broader Arab world.

Explore this unique culture at various points around the Mughayra Heritage Sports Village:

  • Immersive experience room
  • Cultural space curated by the Ministry of Culture
  • Visitor Centre

A highlight of the social calendar

The AlUla Camel Cup is the place to see and be seen. So be sure to dress your best and perhaps even pick up new pieces for your wardrobe at exclusive retail pop-ups.

Take your time exploring our outlets including:

  • Saudi Bronx, camel race streetwear
  • RCU Gift Shop and AlUla FC shared space
  • A boutique concept store with a variety of exclusive items
  • A cultural gift shop for take-home mementos

Dining, coffee, juices and more

A purpose-built will provide hungry visitors with various restaurants and food stalls serving up a diverse pick of traditional fare and international cuisines.

You have many options to choose from:

  • Three dedicated restaurants on-site
  • A coffee shop to energise
  • Refreshing juice shop for breaks
  • Four snack-filled F&B shops
  • Three food carts to quell your hunger
  • A bar with a wide beverage selection

Music, art and more

From a variety of musical acts to hands-on camel-related arts and crafts, visitors of all ages can enjoy a range of things to do.

Entertainment zones can be found across the venue, such as:

  • Kids area including camel trivia, camel origami, and more
  • Adult workshops for traditional pottery, calligraphy and beyond
  • Inspiring gallery
  • Traditional dances, musicals, and plays
  • Camel riding, henna, coffee roasting and more

Race days

Relive the action

History was made on day one of the AlUla Camel Cup as the first ever female race winner claimed glory. The stunning achievement set the benchmark for what promises to be three more thrilling days of action, entertainment and enjoyment.

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AlUla Camel Cup continued to wow crowds both on and off the track on Day Two, where the Mughayra Heritage Sports Village was a hive of activity throughout all the race action, including a special interview with DJ Swizz Beatz, and the beautiful premium lounge showcased more unique experiences.

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AlUla Camel Cup welcome guests from far and wide on Day Three, with huge crowds packing out the Mughayra Heritage Sports Village and viewing terraces at the premium lounge. The action on the track was once again some of the best seen on this beautiful track, and the entertainment, retail and F&B offerings continued to be very popular.

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The final Day Four of the AlUla Camel Cup was an exciting culmination of races – the longest distance and the highest prizes awarded. Crowds packed the Mughayra Heritage Sports Village with a palpable energy buzzing throughout the stands and handcrafted trophies given at the end of the day.

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2024: Year of the Camel

This dedication to the camel pays homage to the shared history between humans and these magnificent ‘ships of the desert’ – including their legacy in shaping AlUla’s cultural heritage.

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Heritage Sports in AlUla

AlUla is at the forefront of reviving heritage sports – from falconry to horseback archery, these time-honoured pursuits are today resonating with a new generation.

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