AlUla Camel Cup

24-27 April 2024

Returning to AlUla for its second edition, the hotly anticipated ‘Pinnacle of Camel Racing’ again promises to be a thrilling showcase of speed, skill and tradition featuring top riders and the finest camels from across the region.

2024: Year of the Camel

This dedication to the camel pays homage to the shared history between humans and these magnificent ‘ships of the desert’ – including their legacy in shaping AlUla’s cultural heritage.

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The Camel Cup Experience

A destination rich in sporting heritage

Revitalising ancient sporting customs, camel racing is deeply rooted in the cultural history of the Kingdom and the broader Arab world.

A highlight of the social calendar

The AlUla Camel Cup is the place to see and be seen. So be sure to dress your best and perhaps even pick up new pieces for your wardrobe at exclusive retail pop-ups.

A variety of dining options

A purpose-built trackside venue will provide hungry visitors with various restaurants and food stalls serving up a diverse pick of traditional fare and international cuisines.

Music, art and more

From a variety of musical acts to hands-on camel-related arts and crafts, visitors of all ages can enjoy a range of things to do alongside the thrill of the racing.

Race days

Plan your trip to AlUla Camel Cup

Find all the information you need to have a comfortable and exciting stay centred around the 'Pinnacle of Camel Racing'. Make sure to book your accommodation, explore restaurants, and plan activities around races to get the most out of your AlUla experience, both on and off the tracks.

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4-Day AlUla Camel Cup Itinerary

Discover our action-packed AlUla Camel Cup agenda that will make your heart race across four days.

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Heritage Sports in AlUla

AlUla is at the forefront of reviving heritage sports – from falconry to horseback archery, these time-honoured pursuits are today resonating with a new generation.

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