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AlUla Moments

Events and Festivals 2022 - 2023

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Unlock the wonders of AlUla and explore the extraordinary landscapes and unique events and festivals offered year-round - a year full of art, wellness, heritage, adventure, sports and music.

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AlUla Moments Calendar 2023

1 July - 1 Sep

Summer in AlUla

Summer has always been a special time in AlUla, where locals and travellers alike found refuge in the lush AlUla Oasis. As the heat rises across the Arabian Peninsula, AlUla’s verdant oasis bears fruits, gives shade and becomes a place for respite and relaxation, a gem of the Arabian Peninsula in the summer.

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8 Jul - 13 Jul

Eid Al-Adha

Surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes, captivating history and culture, and unique dining concepts, AlUla is a fascinating place to spend the Eid AlAdha holiday. From exploring Hegra to challenging yourself at rock climbing, do something different this Eid.

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21 Sep - 23 Sep

Azimuth Festival

After a wildly successful 2022 edition featuring DJ Snake, Parov Stellar, BKR and many other regional and international DJs, AZIMUTH returns to AlUla. Taking place once again during the Saudi National Day Holiday, this music festival will offer a mix of music, art and more on a one-of-a-kind Sand Floor.

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20 Oct - 4 Nov

AlUla Wellness Festival

Bringing the best of the world of wellness, restoration and relaxation to AlUla this festival is the biggest wellness event in the region. The flagship event – The Five Senses Sanctuary – will return with renowned practitioners, offering yoga, meditation, talks, and fitness in the stunning surroundings of the oasis.

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17 Nov - 3 Dec

Ancient Kingdoms Festival

In this second edition of the Ancient Kingdoms Festival, explore the relationship between the three interconnected ancient oases of Northwest Arabia – AlUla, Khaybar and Tayma. More immersive experiences and spectacular events will showcase these timeless oases' historic and natural landscapes.

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21 Dec 2023 - 20 Jan 2024

Winter at Tantora

Being the region’s longest-running music and culture festival, Winter at Tantora returns for its fifth season. Featuring cultural events, musical concerts, wellness, nature, fashion, dining and more, Winter at Tantora showcases the best of AlUla.

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Sports Events in AlUla 2023

AlUla’s diverse landscapes and challenging terrain make it a unique place to host a range of sporting events. From the world’s first sandy-pitch Polo arena to trail running through a UNESCO World Heritage Site, see what incredible sporting events are coming to AlUla.

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AlUla Moments Festival Guide

26 Apr - 13 May

AlUla Skies Festival 2023

The AlUla Skies Festival 2023 celebrated the magic of the AlUla skies. From 26 Apr - 13 May, the skies of AlUla were alive with hot air balloons, drone shows, stargazing and more.

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16 Feb - 28 Feb

AlUla Arts Festival 2023

A must-visit event on the global arts calendar, AlUla Arts Festival offered a diverse, curated selection of art workshops and international art exhibitions. The flagship event for this edition was FAME: Andy Warhol in AlUla, a special exhibition curated for Maraya and the most extensive collection of Andy Warhol’s works to be shown in the Middle East.

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