The Chedi Hegra

Set in the UNESCO-designated site of Hegra, this one-of-a-kind luxury boutique hotel will integrate ancient structures with contemporary design, art-driven spaces and world-class facilities.

The Chedi Hegra

Opening Winter 2023

The Chedi Hegra will be a completely unique boutique hotel set among the spectacular ancient Nabataean site of Hegra. The luxury 35-room hotel will occupy several existing structures, including an old railway station, Hegra Fort, and other surrounding buildings. Original structural and exterior walls, some built from mud brick, will be carefully preserved and integrated into the hotel’s modern architecture. The vast majority of the UNESCO World Heritage Site will remain untouched by construction. 

Each of the hotel’s three restaurants will offer a unique dining experience for guests and others visitors to Hegra. One inside the former railway station will feature an exhibition of preserved artefacts, including a fully-restored Ottoman-era train. Another will sit within the Hegra Fort and a third will feature unobstructed views from a sunken water basin seating area. Guests will also be able to enjoy full-service spa facilities and a swimming pool on site. An overhead art canopy inspired by wind and natural light will also elegantly connect much of the space throughout.

Resort Details

Room Details
The hotel will have a total of 35 rooms.
Dining Options
There will be three individual dining experiences across the hotel.
Onsite facilities at The Chedi Hegra will include:
  • Full-service spa
  • Electric transportation
  • Swimming pool
  • Three dining options

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