EcoTrail AlUla 2022

Mar 18, 2022 - Mar 19, 2022

EcoTrail returned to AlUla to challenge international athletes, amateur runners, and children alike. From an 80 km ultramarathon, a 50 km marathon, a 25 km half marathon or a 10 km fun run as well as a 1.2 km kids' race, there was something for everyone!

EcoTrail AlUla 2022

Over 800 participants raced through the beautiful landscapes of AlUla. With a breathtaking trail that passed by the most famous landmarks of AlUla, runners saw Maraya, Elephant Rock, Hegra and more as they challenge themselves in a race unlike any other.

As an eco-friendly race, all possible measures were taken to maintain the untouched beauty of AlUla’s magnificent landscapes. From shuttle busses to the starting locations to reduce gas emissions to reducing waste at water and aid stations, EcoTrail AlUla brought awareness to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to host events.

Whether participants chose to run, walk, or hike, the EcoTrail offered adventure for all ages. A fantastic weekend was planned, from a welcome party and sunset race to a full day of exciting marathons and races. EcoTrail was a wonderful chance to see AlUla's stunning landscapes in a new way!

EcoTrail Events

80 km Race

Experienced runners from 20 years and older raced through time on the legendary Incense Road! The trail passed by main landmarks in AlUla, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hegra, Maraya and Elephant Rock.

50 km Race

Experienced runners 20 years and older encountered open-air galleries of deep history and living memory, with the art of ancient people and architectural monuments exhibited in its landscape, in an adventure unlike any other!

25 km Race

Runners 18 years and older started with morning light reflecting off of the award-winning Maraya, racing their way through the desert canyons of Ashar Valley to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hegra!

10 km Race

Runners discovered the 100 Nabataean tombs of Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in a new way on this one-of-a-kind race. Participants 12 years and older ran past ancient carvings and soaked in the history of this magical area.

5 km Sunset Run

There is no better time to experience the magic of the AlUla desert than at sunset. In a stunning race course, participants 12 years and older passed by incredible rock formations, including the famous Elephant Rock.

10 km Hike

The AlUla EcoTrail offered a hike through history on this one-of-a-kind trail through the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hegra. Participants of all ages journeyed through this ancient Nabataean city and felt the heritage of AlUla.

1.2 km Kids' Race

The AlUla EcoTrail introduced children between 6 and 12 years of age to the fun of trail running through an exciting Kids’ Race! A quick 1.2 km race allowed children to get into the spirit of the weekend.

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