Azimuth 2023

Azimuth 2023

The Kooks, Peggy Gou, Jorja Smith and more lit up the stage

On its third edition, AZIMUTH, part of the vibrant AlUla Moments calendar of events and festivals, was held over the National Day Weekend and witnessed eclectic, soul-stirring performances amid the desert
Azimuth - The Event
Imagination is a wonderful thing. It can transport you to magical worlds, into the past and the future. From inspiration comes music and art that transcends borders, kindles our spirits, and fuels the fires of innovation.

It was imagination that defined and inspired AZIMUTH, the renowned music and entertainment extravaganza that heralded the commencement of the 2023/24 AlUla Moments calendar.

Kicking off the Saudi National Day celebrations, AZIMUTH was held from 21-22 September with an epic programme of exhilarating live performances enjoyed by thousands of fans.
Azimuth - The HIve Stage
The third edition of AZIMUTH featured an impressive lineup of more than 30 artists from around the world, making it one of the most anticipated music events in the region. Day 1 featured veteran UK indie band The Kooks, viral South Korean DJ Peggy Gou, Australian singer RY X, Egyptian rock band Cairokee, electronic duo Thievery Corporation, and Saudi-born DJ Nooriyah. The next day saw performances by international stars Jorja Smith, Dope Lemon, Chet Faker, Tinariwen, and Saint Levant, among others, alongside regional and local talents like Vinyl Mode and Husa & Zeyada.

Azimuth - The Performances

Saudi National Day


Apart from AZIMUTH, locals, residents and visitors got to enjoy a wide range of vibrant celebrations for the 93rd Saudi National Day. With beloved Saudi songs serenading them, families gathered to partake in a diverse line-up of engaging activities held over the weekend.

Saudi National Day


Arabic Poetry Nights transported the audience through time, with poets reciting verses from ancient Nabataean poetry to the eloquent verses of old Arabic poetry. Additionally, the celebration showcased the skilful artistry of the region with handicraft shows, allowing locals and visitors to appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity of AlUla's artisans. These celebrations in AlUla not only paid homage to the nation's rich history but also served as a testament to the enduring cultural heritage that continues to thrive in this ancient city.
Saudi National Day celebrations

More to come from AlUla Moments

19 October – 4 November Wellness Festival

Returning for its third edition, the AlUla Wellness Festival invites guests to embrace AlUla's serene, restorative landscapes over 17 days of activities and more. The festival offers sensory wellness experiences, including yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, guided by wellness luminaries, both local and global. The Five Senses Sanctuary returns with immersive sensory-based wellness experiences and inspiring talks featuring leading experts such as Anas Bukhash, Hala Kazim, Haya Sawan, and Dr. Khaled Ghattas. Stay tuned for a groundbreaking world-first exclusive music event during this year’s festival.

16 November – 2 December Ancient Kingdoms Festival

History comes alive once again at the second edition of the Ancient Kingdoms Festival, immersing visitors in AlUla's wonders through captivating experiences and breathtaking events. From nighttime explorations to live entertainment, guests will journey through AlUla's rich cultural tapestry. This edition spotlights the iconic Nabataean archaeological site of Hegra, celebrating its 15th anniversary as KSA’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Watch for announcements about a world-first, exclusive, and unique experience as part of Ancient Kingdoms 2022.

21 December – 27 January 2024 Winter at Tantora

Winter at Tantora is set to be the embodiment of premium celebrations, seamlessly blending grandeur and artistic brilliance. As the region's longest-running cultural festival, Winter at Tantora returns for a splendid fifth season that is poised to elevate entertainment, music, and couture to unprecedented heights. This season promises a symphony of meticulously curated experiences, including world-class live performances at the iconic Maraya Concert Hall, cutting-edge fashion events, and exquisite fine dining.