The ultimate music experience in AlUla

As AlUla gears up for the next edition of the unparalleled festival, here’s a look back at the 2022 weekend of rhythm and melodies. Plus, a glimpse of what’s to come in 2023…

AZIMUTH 2022 – A Night to Remember in AlUla

Last September, AlUla witnessed the spectacular festival AZIMUTH 2022, where music enthusiasts gathered from across Saudi Arabia and beyond to experience an unforgettable night under the star-filled sky. Set amidst the monumental landscape of the Saudi city, AZIMUTH is not your ordinary music festival; it immerses music lovers in a location like no other, giving them the chance to dance until dawn with the soft sands of this luxury destination serving as their dance floor.
AZIMUTH 2022 featured an impressive lineup of artists, including renowned names Jason Derulo, Dish Dash, DJ Snake, and Kelis, among others. The performances were nothing short of mesmerising, leaving the audience with memories that will last a lifetime. Beyond the captivating performances that continued from sunset to sunrise, the festival embraced a multifaceted approach, with diverse forms of art, culinary delights, and other entertainment options melding to form a rich creative and cultural tapestry. As AZIMUTH 2022 concluded, the anticipation for the next edition began to build… and the wait is almost over.

AZIMUTH 2023 – A New Chapter in AlUla's Musical Legacy

The countdown to AZIMUTH 2023 is officially on. Set to take place during the Saudi National Day weekend in September, the excitement is soaring as 13 incredible regional acts have so far been confirmed, with a stellar international line-up set to be announced soon. The two-day music extravaganza will unfold from Thursday, September 21, to Friday, September 22, with performances that will keep the energy pumping until the early morning hours of 6am.
The lineup features regional stars Cosmicat, Dish Dash, Baloo, Vinyl Mode, Kayan, Dorar, Sokkary, Zone+, NOMAD, Anmarz, BluePaper, Narkbeat, and DJB10. In addition to the regional stars, international headliners will add to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the event. Whether you are a fan of pulsating techno, house, youthful melodies, or soothing tunes, AZIMUTH 2023 promises to deliver an eclectic mix of genres that will resonate with music lovers from all walks of life.
Early bird tickets for AZIMUTH 2023 are already on sale. Music enthusiasts can take advantage of a 30% discount on ticket prices, with options ranging from one-day general admission tickets to premium weekend passes. As the excitement builds, stay tuned for the announcement of international headliners and further details on how to be part of an unforgettable celebration of music, culture, and art.

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AZIMUTH 2022: A look back