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AlUla is such a noteworthy destination because of its layer upon layer of human history and a wealth of natural wonders waiting to be explored. Few locations can boast such a rich combination of heritage, culture and natural beauty.

There’s also a sense of openness, vastness and quiet that invites visitors to wander in AlUla’s living museum. From mazes of dramatic rock formations to rolling, sand-swept dunes to a valley cloaked in palm and citrus groves to millennia-old clues in basalt lava flows, be sure to leave plenty of time in your AlUla itinerary to commune with its expansive natural offerings.

Explore AlUla's Nature & Outdoors

One of AlUla's most recognizable natural sites Jabal AlFil: Elephant Rock

One of AlUla's many geological marvels, set in golden desert sands and climbing three storeys into the sky, With its "trunk" and "body" of this formation, it is also known as Elephant Rock.

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The darkest of skies tilt your eyes skyward Stargazing

Experience the enchantment of a desert stargazing tour led by local experts. Far from city lights, marvel at constellations aglow.

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Stories written amongst the stone Rock Art & Inscriptions

For thousands of years, travellers on popular pilgrimage and trade routes in north-western Saudi Arabia often stopped in city hubs to do business and rest. Many of the visitors left messages, inscriptions or rock art, carved and etched into stone to mark their journey through the extraordinary landscapes that now comprise AlUla.

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Natural Art Formations Rocks of AlUla

Thousands of years of wind and water have turned sandstone rocks into works of art. Throughout AlUla's desert landscape you will find these natural hidden treasures.

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Overlook the city of AlUla's Harrat Uwayrid

Drive to peak of one of AlUla's highest points and look out to view the beauty of the oasis, old town and wonderous landscape.

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An Agricultural Haven AlUla Oasis

This lush sanctuary in the windswept Saudi Arabian desert has provided life to AlUla's residents, travelers, flora and fauna for thousands of years. Today, it's an agricultural epicentre waiting to be explored.

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Throughout the region, you’ll see sand-drifted canyons, red-rock cliff faces, black basalt atop towering mesas and more unique outcrops and rock formations — all surrounded by seas of desert sand deposits. These imagination-spurring rock formations add to the wonder of AlUla, as some have naturally taken the forms of humans, animals and architectural structures.

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An Array of Flora & Fauna Sharann Nature Reserve

In addition to its enchanting history and culture, AlUla is home to raw, breathtaking wilderness and an array of diverse flora and fauna. At Sharaan Nature Reserve, 1,500 square kilometres (579 square miles) of soaring red-rock canyons, sprawling desert and valleys carpeted in delicate wildflowers offer a treasure trove of natural wonders.

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The Adventure Trail 3 - 4 hour guided hike

Lace up your hiking-shoes and hit the mountains for a half day journey led by an expert guide through the rocky terrain.


Stargazing 4 Hours Experience

AlUla is a fantastic place for stargazing. At AlGharameel, you can enjoy a traditional bedouin set-up, with an expert guide on hand to tell you about the stars and constellations, and how they relate to AlUla’s culture and history.


Cycling Trail 2 Hours Experience

Follow the pack leader on a leisurely bike ride crossing through the sand dunes and surrounded by AlUla’s unique landscapes


AlUla Oasis view Trail 3 Hours Experience

Operated by: Jaddah Adventures Hike up to Alfath mountain peak to catch an unforgettable view of AlUla oasis, millions of palm trees below you.


Hidden Valley Hike 2 Hour Hike

Connect with nature on this enchanting secluded hike across AlUla’s sand dunes.


Exhale Yoga Sessions One Hour Session

Lets enjoy the beauty of AlUla and "BREATHE IN" the abundance of nature together.


AlUla Fresh Farm 2 Hours Experience

AlUla Fresh offers a fantastic tour around the agriculture of AlUla. Get back to nature by picking fruits, planting seeds and enjoying a seating area in the farm


Bike Park 2 Hours Experience

Visit Adventure Canyon's new purpose built Bike Park. This low impact, high energy adventure has bump and pump dirt tracks and is fun for all the family.

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AlUla Buggies Experience 2 Hours Experience

Journey through peaks and dunes on this classic buggy experience. A modern, high impact option to experience a thrilling activity at the adventure canyon.

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Hegra 2 Hour Tour

Visit Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the largest preserved site of the Nabataean civilisation south of Petra.


Dadan & Jabal Ikmah 2 Hour Tour

Start your journey through time at Dadan the ancient Kingdom of the Lihyanite and Dadanite civilisations. Next take a 10-minute drive to Jabal Ikmah situated in a stunning desert canyon.


AlUla Zipline Experience Coming January 2021

One for thrill seekers, test your nerve by whizzing through the air on the zip line at Harrat Mountain.


Horse Trail Coming January 2021

Saddle up for this family-friendly guided trek through the stunning AlUla desert landscapes and lush oasis. Up to 20 people can join this trail at a time.

The Oasis Trail Coming February 2021

Weave your way through the beautiful AlUla Oasis, at your own pace. This 2 hours tour is self guided and at your leisure.

Hegra Rock Art Trail Coming February 2021

Explore Hegra with a rawi and learn the stories of the rock art found amongst the stone.

Hegra Vintage Jeep Tours Coming February 2021

Hop in a vintage Jeep and explore the miles of tombs within Hegra.

Alula Old Town Tour Coming February 2021

Take self-guided tour or with a rawi through AlUla Old Town where pilgrims, travellers and permanent settlers congregated through the ages.

Plan and Book Your Trip

Learn about the different options to make the most of your time at AlUla. You can book your trip through our preferred booking partners or book your trip yourself by exploring AlUla accommodations and thrilling experiences.

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Explore The World's Masterpiece

The World's Largest Living Museum Heritage

Take a journey to both the ancient and recent past. Uncover preserved tombs, sandstone outcrops, historic dwellings and monuments, both natural and man-made, that hold 200,000 years of largely unexplored human history.

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Thrilling experiences and outdoor excursions Adventure

By day, tour heritage sites, enjoy mountain hikes and experience thrills on zip line tours and dune buggy rides. By night, relax with stargazing and other activities.

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A Land of Wondrous Inspiration Arts & Culture

From contemporary artists creating pieces made for the stunning desert backdrop to local artisans continuing the tradition of ancient handicrafts, the spirit of creativity and ingenuity can be discovered in every corner of AlUla.

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