Alula skies festival 27 FEBRUARY - 12 MARCH 2022

It's no secret that the fascinating geological landscapes of AlUla, from the volcanic plains to the ancient heritage sites, are best seen from the air. AlUla Skies was a two-week festival celebrating all things skies! The sky was alive with action, whether floating serenely over Hegra in a hot air balloon or seeing AlUla's most famous landmarks from above in a helicopter tour. Nighttime was no different, with an innovative take on stargazing that brought the world's longest drone show soaring through the night sky and a spine-tingling Symphony Under the Stars set under the magnificent Arc Rock. In AlUla, the sky is the limit!

AlUla Skies Festival Highlights


Guests explored space in an immersive constellation show influenced by the rich history and culture of AlUla. They watched the world's longest drone show, in a 34-minute fantastic performance of drones sharing the sky with the magnificent stars, drawing ancient constellations.

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Symphony Under the Stars

Combining classical music and special effects, Symphony Under the Stars was dedicated to the spectacular starry night of the desert of AlUla. Under the backlit Arch Rock, Italian pianist Dardust led a magnificent Symphony Under the Stars in a show like no other. This modern take on classical music had the audience on their feet for a spectacular performance.


Hot Air Balloon Experience

The skies of AlUla were magically filled with colourful hot air balloons for ten days in this celebration of the AlUla Skies Festival. With sunrise flights, tethered flights and a successful attempt for the Guinness World Records™ title for the World's Largest Hot Air Balloon Glow Show, there was something for everyone!


A Guinness World Records™ Title Event Hot Air Balloons Glow Show

In the calm of the desert night, balloons glowed like giant light bulbs or lanterns, giving a spectacular display for the audience! The flickering flames of AlUla's hot air balloons made the brilliant colours pop against the dark AlUla skies, dancing along to the beat of Saudi DJ Jamal Mohammed each night of the AlUla Skies Festival.

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Still Running Through 31 March Vintage Aircraft Exhibition Experience

In celebration of the AlUla Skies, the AlUla International Airport has become a museum of vintage aircrafts from the 1930s and 1940s, in a spectacular Vintage Aircraft Exhibition Experience. From a flight simulator to the chance to try on a pilot's uniform for the perfect photo, this amazing experience is all about the "Golden Age of Aviation."

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AlUla Breaks the Guinness World Records™ Title

The World's Largest Hot Air Balloon Glow Show took place on 1st March 2022 as part of AlUla Skies. A total of 142 brightly-lit balloons were counted as part of this record-breaking feat. The previous record was also achieved in AlUla during its arts and cultural festival, Winter at Tantora, in 2019, that time with 100 balloons.

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26 Apr - 13 May

AlUla Skies Festival 2023

The AlUla Skies Festival 2023 celebrated the magic of the AlUla skies. From 26 Apr - 13 May, the skies of AlUla were alive with hot air balloons, drone shows, stargazing and more.

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