International Day of the Arabian Leopard

In celebration of the first-ever UN recognised International Day of the Arabian Leopard

Indigenous to AlUla and Critically Endangered, the Arabian Leopard is among the rarest, with fewer than 200 adults living in the wild. A large part of imagining the future is protecting what is valuable and vulnerable in the present. By raising awareness, the International Day of the Arabian Leopard brought people together to work toward a more positive future for these majestic animals.

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Conservation efforts in AlUla

Conservationist Zainab Almubarak shares how her love of cats led to a passion for the protection of the Arabian Leopard. You’ll also learn about the mission to reintroduce this magnificent but Critically Endangered species into the AlUla desert.

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The return of the Arabian Leopard

An achievement to make the world notice

Conservationists are helping to bring native flora and fauna – and possibly even the Arabian Leopard – back to the land

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