Tomoor AlUla

Specialty cafe and bakery serving premium Arabic coffee




Modern Saudi

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Days of Operation

Open daily; please see below for Regular, Eid AlAdha & Summer timings


Grab & go

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Smart casual


Walk-ins welcome


Old Town


Free parking at the Old Town South Parking

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The lush sanctuary of AlUla has always been known for its homegrown dates with the best taste and texture. At Tomoor AlUla, you can sample local date varieties, sip speciality coffee and eat authentic desserts from outdoor seating along the main road of AlUla's Old Town. Tomoor AlUla is a speciality cafe and bakery serving premium Arabic coffee, baked goods, desserts and eight varieties of dates. Featuring a luxurious setting with outdoor seating and shaded areas, Tomoor AlUla honours the area's past as a historical oasis where only the richest and smoothest tasting dates were grown on ancient AlUla farms.

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Old Town

Restaurant Details

Regular & Summer timings (13 Apr - 15 Jun, 19 Jun - 30 Sep )

Open daily

15:00 - 01:00

Eid AlAdha (16 - 18 Jun)

Open daily

08:00 - 01:00

Free parking is available at the Old Town South Parking or the larger North Parking in AlJadidah. Shuttle services are available from the parking zones to the entrance of Old Town or AlJadidah, respectively. Both areas are pedestrian-only and within easy walking distance of each other.