Journey Through the Stars

Over the centuries, explorers, trade caravans and pilgrims have used AlUla’s dark night sky to navigate across the region. During this unique immersive experience, guests gazed up at the stars and learned about the many stories written amongst them.

Journey Through the Stars

Habitas AlUla invited visitors on a fascinating journey through the stars. Those who Joined this stargazing experience lost themselves in AlUla’s famously clear night sky. While gazing upon the cosmos, an expert local guide used storytelling to explain their cultural significance in Northwest Arabia and beyond. The night ended with a closer look through powerful digital telescopes and a Q&A session with the guide.

26 Apr - 13 May

AlUla Skies Festival 2023

The AlUla Skies Festival 2023 celebrated the magic of the AlUla skies. From 26 Apr - 13 May, the skies of AlUla were alive with hot air balloons, drone shows, stargazing and more.

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AlUla Skies Festival Experiences

AlUla Skies Festival by Day AlUla Hot Air Balloons

Dozens of colourful hot air balloons took to the skies for the AlUla Sky Festival. Morning untethered flights rose with the sun to drift high above Hegra’s monumental tombs. Afternoon tethered flights soared skyward for unforgettable 360-degree views.

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AlUla Skies Festival by Day AlUla Kites

As part of the AlUla Skies festival, hundreds of colourful kites took to the air for fabulous sky-themed celebrations. Expert fliers sailed and twirled their kites through the air before the public tried out their kite-flying skills.

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AlUla Skies Festival by Day Helicopter Tour

Few aerial experiences beat the thrill of taking off in a chopper. Visitors hopped in helicopters to soar over some of AlUla’s most famous landmarks and heritage sites while enjoying bird’s-eye views of this breathtaking landscape.

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AlUla Skies Festival by Day Giant Swing

An alternative way to get airborne, this 70-metre swing is one of only seven in the world. The heart-pumping experience involves leaping from a mountain's edge and flying between canyon walls, taking in the views as you swoosh dramatically through the air.

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AlUla Skies Festival by Day AlUla Stairway

Unique to the region, the AlUla Stairway takes you up a 45-metre suspended ladder with an exhilarating 150-metre zipline back down to the valley floor. As well as the thrilling experience, you get a photo to take home to prove you braved it.

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AlUla Skies Festival by Night Astro-photography

This beyond-stargazing experience was set in an area known for its spectacular night skies. An expert took visitors on a journey through the constellations, followed by a session on how to capture their splendour on camera.

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AlUla Skies Festival by Night Drone Show

Forming an array of illuminated patterns and shapes, a choreographed collection of drones delighted crowds with this spectacular nightly show.

AlUla Skies Festival by Night Glow Show

The flickering flames of dozens of grounded balloons made their colourful shapes glow and pop vividly against the night sky. This fabulous spectacle was accompanied by music, plus there was food trucks to grab a bite while enjoying the show.

AlUla Skies Festival by Night AlUla Outdoor Cinema

AlUla's latest outdoor cinema offered the chance to relive the classic movie-going magic. The family-friendly experience provided a blockbuster-led programme and was full of fun, vintage touches set against a dramatic canyon backdrop.

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AlUla Skies Festival by Night Journey Through the Stars

Habitas AlUla invited guests on a fascinating journey into the stars. Those who joined this stargazing experience lost themselves in AlUla’s famously clear night sky, contemplated the cosmos and were guided by a local expert through the power of storytelling.

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AlUla Skies Festival by Night Planet-tinyum

The world’s smallest planetarium, the Planet-tinyum offered an awe-inspiring journey to the furthest reaches of the universe and showed our place within it.

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AlUla Skies Festival by Night Ashar Valley Fashion

The striking rock formations and soft sand dunes of Ashar Valley were the site of an all-new series of exciting luxury retail pop-ups. High-end brands, such as Samer Halimeh, Azza Fahmy, Michael Cinco and more were a part of this unique concept.

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AlUla Skies Festival by Night Harrat Viewpoint

Set atop an ancient mountain, this elevated outlook offered visitors not only spectacular views over AlUla’s landscape, but also a huge canopy of night sky. The AlUla Skies Festival also brought exciting additions to the site.

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Habitas AlUla

A trail-blazer in sustainable hospitality, Habitas brings luxury living to AlUla in an eco-friendly way. Nestled within an ancient oasis in the desert canyons of the Ashar Valley, find yourself surrounded by sandstone cliffs and palm groves.

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