AlUla Rock Art Trail

AlUla Rock Art Trail

at Hegra

If you could leave a message for future generations and civilisations to see, what would you

The Rock Art Trail will walk you through carvings and inscriptions that were left thousands of years ago by travellers, pilgrims and residents alike. Be enthralled by your Rawi (guide) as he weaves tales of travel, trade, offerings and warnings that now act as an open-air library of preserved languages spoken long ago. Learn how these people lived and the legacies that they left behind.

Interpretative signage and a touch and feel table will help bring the stories to life. The 1500m track takes walkers on an elevated loop providing stunning views of Hegra. Visitors can choose daytime or evening for their rock art tour, the atmospheric evening tour includes torches for visitors to search for hidden details in the inscriptions.

Summer Trail Schedule

May 15 - September 5

Thrusday - Friday, 1 time slot at 9:00 PM each day will be available for booking. 

The AlUla Rock Art Trail is a journey of walking and storytelling, a 1.6-kilometre trail past inscriptions and engravings  set into the stunning mountain landscape. These clues to AlUla’s past reflect a variety of languages and topics, deciphered by a Rawi, your guide on this journey. 

To follow the AlUla Rock Art Trail, begin at Winter Park. Board the air-conditioned coach (be sure to arrive 40 minutes before your tour start time to allow for transportation). Your coach will convey you to Hegra Heritage Site.

Upon arriving at Hegra, your bus will stop briefly at the Hegra Welcome Centre, where you will be greeted by a Rawi. After a short briefing, the coach will transport you to the trailhead.

The experience isn’t complete when the trail ends. On your return trip, you will stop at a lookout point for unforgettable views. Take a moment to enjoy the scene and snap a selfie with the magnificent view of Hegra in the background.

Following this brief stop, your coach will return to Winter Park via the Hegra Welcome Centre, creating the perfect opportunity for you to explore more of Hegra Heritage Site.

Tour Details
  • Tour operates every Thursday and Friday at 9:00 PM.
  • Duration: approximately 60- 90 minutes
  • Children below 12 are not permitted
  • Medium fitness level required
  • Meeting point at Winter Park southern entrance - See location on Google
  • We recommend you dress in comfortable hiking attire from clothes to boots/closed-toed walking shoes.
Helpful tips
  • Arrive at the Winter Park - if driving park your car free of charge at the designated area near the entrance - our staff will guide you to the meeting point to join the shuttle bus to Hegra heritage site.
  • Parking is not permitted at any of the heritage sites.
  • Please arrive 40 minutes before your tour start time to allow time for transportation.
  • Book tickets in advance and have your printed copy or e-ticket ready when you arrive at check-in.
  • Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.
  • Hegra is open expanse and exposed to the elements, we encourage you to take responsibility for your health and safety and stay hydrated.
  • Late arrival for your booked time may result in being denied entry.
Recommended attire
  • We recommend you dress in comfortable hiking attire from clothes to boots.
  • Trail requires physical fitness.
  • Hiking clothes and boots will not be provided.
  • Children below 12 are not allowed.
Rock Art Trail

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