AlUla Helicopter Tour

AlUla Helicopter Tour

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Buckle up and put your headsets on; it's time for take-off!


 Operated by The Helicopter Company

Get ready to view AlUla from above, with this 30-minute helicopter tour with your pilot (guide), an exhilarating flight that takes you over AlUla's seven most famous landmarks and heritage sites.
The first of these will be the monumental Jabal AlFil (Elephant Rock), AlUla's most famous natural geological rock formation. Next, we head over to Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the southern capital of the Nabatean Civilisation, with its ancient tombs carved deep into the red and golden rocks. There you will get to see one of the last trains of The Hijaz Railway stood in time. 
Our pilot will now turn towards the west, and in the distance, you will see Maraya, the Guinness World Record holder for the world's largest mirrored building reflecting the sun out to the sky, shining brightly like a diamond in the desert. 
As our pilot turns south and takes you over the AlUla's three other most important heritage sites of Jabal Ikmah (the open-air library), back down over Dadan (the capital of the Dadan and Lihyan kingdoms) and lastly over the AlUla Old Town (the 12th-century medieval city). 
As you land back at Fursan Village, it is then you will genuinely appreciate the beauty, heritage and sheer majestic landscapes of this unique destination. 
Please read the terms and conditions before purchase and note that you will be required to complete a waiver form before the flight.

July Summer Tour Schedule

Operating 5 days a week from Wednesday-Sunday:
23rd - 31st July-  2 tours 10:00 AM  & 6:30 PM​

GUEST ITINERARY ( 10:00 AM takeoff)
9:15 AM: Guests Meet at Vision Centre in Winter Park
9:30 AM: Safety briefing and security screening
9:40 AM: Departure from Winter Park
9:50 AM: Arrival at Fursan Village Helipads
10:00 AM: Helicopter takeoff
10:30 AM: Helicopter landing
10:45 AM: Arrive back at Winter Park

GUEST ITINERARY (6:30 PM take off)
5:45 PM: Guests Meet at Vision Centre in Winter Park
6:00 PM: Safety briefing and security screening
6:10 PM: Departure from Winter Park
6:20 PM: Arrival at Fursan Village Helipads
6:30 PM: Helicopter takeoff
7.00 PM: Helicopter landing
7.15 PM: Arrive back at Winter Park
August Summer Tour Schedule

Operating 5 days a week from Wednesday-Sunday:
August 10:00 AM  & 6:00 PM​

GUEST ITINERARY ( 10:00 AM take off)
9:15AM: Guests Meet at Vision Centre in Winter Park
9:30AM: Safety briefing and security screening
9:40AM: Departure from Winter Park
9:50AM: Arrival at Fursan Village Helipads
10:00AM: Helicopter takeoff
10:30AM: Helicopter landing
10:45AM: Arrive back at Winter Park

GUEST ITINERARY ( 6:00 PM take off)
5:15PM: Guests Meet at Vision Centre in Winter Park
5:30PM: Safety briefing and security screening
5:40PM: Departure from Winter Park
5:50PM: Arrival at Fursan Village Helipads
6:00PM: Helicopter takeoff
6:30PM: Helicopter landing
6.45PM: Arrive back at Winter Park
Trip Details
  • Capacity is 5 guests max
  • Meet & greet at reception
  • Safety briefing
  • Security Screening
  • 30 min tour with the pilot as a guide
Key Information
  • Please read the terms and conditions before purchase and note that you will be required to complete a waiver form before the flight.
  • Passengers will be contacted to provide their full names, nationality, and ID numbers upon booking.
  • Children must be three years of age or above to be carried on any of our Flights. All children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Pregnant women (not exceeding 32 weeks) can fly at their own responsibility and risk, and it is the passengers’ responsibility to inform THC about their pregnancy at the time of booking/traveling. The Customer is responsible to notify THC if there are passengers with special needs.

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