Cycling in AlUla

AlUla’s position as a global cycling hub is in no doubt. As well as now hosting one of the most scenically beautiful world tour events and being a sponsor for a successful world tour team, the rapid expansion of ride-safe paths and other cycling opportunities around the destination continues.

Cycling in AlUla

Originating from the Wheels Bike Hub to the Hegra South Gate, there is 26km of uninterrupted trail, the perfect spot for all levels of enjoyment — whether enjoying a leisurely sunset spin with friends, or putting in some power work ahead of a new season. Visitors can either bring their own bikes or rent from the Wheels Bike Hub and join a group for organised ride. Unguided rides are also possible.

Inter-Urban Cycling Track Map

The latest addition to AlUla’s cycling infrastructure is a 45km dedicated cycling track, taking adventurers from the AlFareed Roundabout in AlUla Central to the world-renowned Camel Cup grounds. Through careful design, the track provides riders safety from the vehicle roads. Not just a bike trail, it’s a journey through diverse landscapes and past ancient heritage sites.

Cycling Opportunities in AlUla

While fans will rightly be eager to come and enjoy world-class cycling during the AlUla Tour, the significant development of cycling infrastructure around the mixed terrains in the destination offer a year-round base for all levels.

30 Jan - 3 Feb 2024

AlUla Tour

A must-visit for any cycling enthusiast, from 2024 AlUla will also be both the name and the home of Saudi Arabia’s only UCI World Tour event, the AlUla Tour. Previously known as the Saudi Tour, this will attract some of the sport’s biggest names, including Team Jayco AlUla.

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Available all year

Wheels Bike Hub

From daily cyclists to leisurely riders, the Wheels Bike Hub is your home for everything related to cycling. Discover 26km of cycling trails with your own bike or rent one from the Wheels Bike Hub. Join a group for organised rides from AlAtheeb to Hegra and back or explore unguided. Then, enjoy refreshments at the Bike Hub Cafe after your ride.

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Team Jayco AlUla

With Team Jayco AlUla, AlUla has become an official naming rights partner with an UCI WorldTour team of top cycling talent. Learn more about this partnership and AlUla's exciting journey to becoming an international hub for cycling.

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Explore The World's Masterpiece

Thrilling activities and exciting excursions


Whether its zip-ling through mountain ranges, taking to the skies in a hot air balloon, or gazing up at the constellations, AlUla offers adventures and activities from the thrilling to the awe-inspiring.

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The World's Largest Living Museum


Take a journey to both the ancient and recent past. Uncover preserved tombs, sandstone outcrops, historic dwellings and monuments, both natural and man-made, that hold 200,000 years of largely unexplored human history.

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Nature & Outdoors

From mazes of dramatic rock to rolling sand-swept dunes, a valley swathed in citrus groves to millennia-old basalt lava flows, AlUla’s spectacular landscape invites you to wander and connect with its wealth of natural beauty.

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A Land of Wondrous Inspiration

Arts & Culture

From contemporary artists creating pieces made for the stunning desert backdrop to local artisans continuing the tradition of ancient handicrafts, the spirit of creativity and ingenuity can be discovered in every corner of AlUla.

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Sports Events in AlUla

AlUla’s diverse landscapes and challenging terrain make it a unique place to host a range of sporting events. From the world’s first sandy-pitch Polo arena to trail running through a UNESCO World Heritage Site, see what incredible sporting events are coming to AlUla.

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