Tantora Celebration 2022

Dec 22, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022

22 Dec - 24 Dec & 29 Dec - 31 Dec 2022

The locals of AlUla have been celebrating the “Tantora” for generations. The Tantora itself is a sundial used by the local people not only to tell time, but also to mark the beginning of the winter planting season. This culturally significant season has always been filled with festivities.

Tantora Celebration 2022
While Winter at Tantora is an extravagant month-long festival, the Tantora Celebration is a 3-day celebration focusing on sharing the traditions and culture of AlUla.

*Tantora Celebration Extended*
Due to its great success, the Tantora Celebration was extended for a second weekend from 29-31 Dec 2022. Visitors had a second chance to check out the Incense Road of AlUla Old Town for music, performances, Saudi coffee, historical characters & more.

Event Details:
Projection Show on the AlUla Fort Façade
Lighting up the historic AlUla Fort, history was projected across this AlUla landmark.

Celebrate Saudi Coffee
2022 was the Saudi Year of Coffee. The Tantora Celebration offered a gigantic display of traditional Saudi coffee pots, along with famed AlUla hospitality. Attendees were able taste local coffee and dates, with coffee giveaway bags to bring home.

Folkloric Dance & Music
Over 200 performers danced in the local, traditional style. A live orchestra performed international and Arab music.

Tantora Interactive Projection
Upon arrival to the AlUla Tantora, visitors witnessed an interactive projection depicting the story of the Tantora.

Getting to the Venue
Location: The Tantora Celebration will take place in AlUla Old Town, near to the AlUla Tantora.
Parking: Parking is complimentary at the Parking Area behind Kudu. Transportation from the parking area to the venue will be provided.
Tantora Celebration Day 1
Tantora Celebration Night 1

Tantora Celebration Event 2022

Winter at Tantora

The highly anticipated Winter at Tantora, the very first music and culture festival in the Kingdom, returns for its fourth edition. Featuring intimate concerts with world-renowned musicians and hosts multiple events across heritage, gastronomy and more, experience the best of AlUla.

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TEMPORARILY CLOSED Hot Air Balloons in AlUla & Khaybar

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