Summer in AlUla

Summer in AlUla

A summer of splendour awaits in AlUla

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AlUla’s unequalled splendour, milder evenings and low humidity make it a uniquely appealing summer destination in the Arabian Peninsula. Whether revitalising body and soul, having an adventure of a lifetime or even making the oasis your office, AlUla offers a magical summer where you’ll experience the unexpected.

5 Reasons to Visit AlUla in the Summer

5 Reasons to visit AlUla in the summer

Recommended Summer Itineraries

Your summer starts here: We’ve thoughtfully crafted different 3-day itineraries to help tailor your perfect AlUla summer. Whether you’re looking for the Best of AlUla Summer or our hiking highlights, check out these exciting itinerary ideas for your trip.

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Flight + Accommodation Package

Plan your next adventure with ease. We’ve partnered with Holidays by flydubai to create flight and accommodation packages for you to explore AlUla in an unexpected summer.

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Experiences + Accommodation Packages

Leave the planning to the travel experts at AlUla Guide, Alboraq or GoZahid for your next summer adventure. They’ve crafted getaway deals, taking care of hotel and experience bookings so your main focus can be on fun.

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Summer Accommodation Offers

Luxurious eco-hotels and whimsical glamping experiences are just some of the excellent summer accommodation options in AlUla. Check out what great deals are offered this season.

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AlUla's Top 10 Summer List

Take a look at our top 10 experiences to inspire an unforgettable summer. From uncovering ancient history and flying on KSA’s longest and fastest zipline to hiking through breathtaking canyons and gazing up at a never-ending sea of stars, AlUla is your perfect summer getaway.

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Heritage + Adventure Experiences

From the rich history of Hegra to the daring adventures of KSA’s longest and fastest zipline, AlUla offers an amazing array of experiences for you to craft the perfect summer escape.

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See what incredible summer experiences await you in AlUla!

Taste of AlUla

Bright citrus fruits and farm-fresh vegetables bring vibrant colours to the summer plates of AlUla. With outdoor dining in the evenings and various dining options, spanning traditional, international and contemporary cuisines, experience the taste of AlUla this summer.

Fine Dining


The first of its kind in AlUla, this signature Banyan Tree restaurant serves award-winning contemporary Thai Cuisine, where every meal is a gastronomical journey - a passionate work of art that is a feast for the eyes and the palate.

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Somewhere, tucked into an oasis farm, is a delicious restaurant with beautiful outdoor seating where modern dishes are fused with authentic Mediterranean flavours.

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Located within the beautiful landscapes of Banyan Tree AlUla, Harrat is an Arabic and International restaurant using fresh and seasonal ingredients to create a delightful array of dishes served day and night.

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The Heart of the Oasis

Enjoy incredible outdoor dining at The Heart of the Oasis, where meals are made using traditional cooking techniques and local farm-fresh ingredients. Surrounded by the lush beauty of the Oasis, the setting impresses as much as the menu.

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Tama at Habitas

Located in the gorgeous Habitas Eco-Resort, Tama is much more than a restaurant. Meaning ‘here and now’ in Aramaic, Tama embodies one of Habitas’ core brand experiences, the essence of being present and keeping people in the here and now.

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The dining experience at Entrecôte Café de Paris brings a taste of the finest French cuisine to AlUla Old Town. Their world-famous steak frites and secret sauce make this set menu special.

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Suhail Old Town

A high-end Saudi Arabian dining concept serving dishes inspired by old Arabian Peninsula spices and time-honoured traditions, matched with a modern twist and exemplary service.

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Casual Eats

Daimumah Restaurant

This open-air restaurant offers delicious and diverse dining among the ancient farmland and palm-scattered oasis of Daimumah. From shareable starters to mouthwatering mains, it’s a wonderful spot to stop to refuel in this magical part of AlUla.

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Located on the edge of the AlUla Oasis sits the charming Italian restaurant Circolo. Find authentic antipasti, artisanal pizza and more in this gorgeous outdoor setting.

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Ashar Deck

Situated overlooking Habitas AlUla’s large infinity pool, Tama Restaurant and the striking canyon landscape, Ashar Deck is an open-air lounge area in the heart of the Ashar Valley— a place to gather, relax and unwind.

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AlNakheel Café

A relaxed and casual dining venue, Palm Garden is open for lunch and dinner.



From juicy flame-grilled burgers to smoky slow-cooked brisket, this buzzy food truck experience offers delicious barbecued meats and more on the Incense Road in AlJadidah.

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Moon Shell

Who says healthy is boring? A rainbow of colours fills the plates and coconut bowls of Moon Shell. These organic, playful dishes will have your taste buds begging for more!

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Combining an artistic vibe with healthy food options, Ppl. is great for those in hurry as well as if you want to stop while, catch up with social media, read a book, or just hang out with friends.

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Tawlat Fayza

Tawlat Fayza translates to 'Fayza's Table', and family is at the heart of this cosy restaurant. With an ever-evolving menu, it offers farm-to-table organic food inspired by the founder's grandmother, who is originally from the area.

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Daimumah Cafe

Housed in a charming wood cabin with shade-dappled terrace, Daimumah Cafe is open all day offering a range of hot and cold drinks, tasty snacks, and light meals in the scenic surroundings of the Oasis.

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Origin Cafe

Located in Old Town, Origin Cafe is brewing some of the best coffee from around the world. It is the perfect place to sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy a cold brew or Chemex. If you want to keep exploring, get your drink to go. Most known for serving speciality coffee, so give their coffee of the day a try.

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Al Hatab Bakery

The leading bakery in Saudi Arabia has made it to AlUla. Located in the AlJadidah Arts District, come in and enjoy all that Al Hatab Bakery has to offer, from their fresh baked bread, speciality grocery items, and signature authentic Saudi Arabian sweets.

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Coyard Coffee Roasters

This bijou café serves up top-quality barista brewed coffee made from self-roasted beans. Terrace seating also provides a pleasant place to enjoy your beverage overlooking the Incense Road.

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First stop Dunkin', second stop adventure! This world-famous coffee and donut spot has landed in AlUla Old Town and Winter Park - ready to fuel all of your AlUla adventures.

Open from 3 PM to 1 AM


From Seattle to AlUla, Starbucks has found a new home in AlJadidah! Grab a coffee on your way to AlUla Old Town or the AlUla Oasis.

Tomoor AlUla

Sample local date varieties, sip speciality coffee and eat authentic desserts in Old Town at Tomoor AlUla. This high-end cafe honours AlUla's history by serving eight date varieties, all grown locally on lush farms. Look up in awe at the sandstone canyons from outdoor and rooftop seating.

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Mouthwatering croissants and scrumptious cinnamon rolls fill the cases at Wacafe. Grab the perfect cup of coffee and settle in at this great AlUla Old Town café.

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La Romana dal 1947

From ice cream and waffles to crepes and cakes, this old-school gelateria and café offers a delicious range of gourmet Italian delights made from old family recipes.

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Must-See AlUla Locations

Explore the awe-inspiring carved sandstone tombs of Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra. Gaze up at the monumental natural rock formation of Elephant Rock, looming large among the desert landscapes. Don’t miss these must-see locations and more in AlUla!


Once the southern capital of the Nabataean kingdom and Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra’s stunning collection of over 100 monumental sandstone tombs stands in silent testimony to AlUla’s rich and fascinating heritage.



Meaning ‘mirror’ in Arabic, Maraya is a stunning piece of architecture set in the desert canyon of Ashar Valley. The state-of-the-art structure is officially the world’s largest mirrored building and host to a roster of art exhibitions and star-studded concerts.

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Elephant Rock

Gaze up at the breathtaking geological phenomenon of Elephant Rock. Sunset sees the skies burst into colour and the magnificent rock formation turn red, while night brings stargazing under the landmark’s looming silhouette.


AlJadidah Arts District

AlJadidah is a vibrant cultural hub of shops, cafes and public art in AlUla Old Town Village. Beautiful murals add to the colour and creativity of this easily strollable area, which also features the world’s largest hand-painted carpet.


Old Town

Inhabited until the not-so-distant past, Old Town is a fascinating labyrinth of tightly packed streets lined with mudbrick houses, shops and squares. Above it all, a 10th-century fort still watches over the town and its scenic desert valley.


The Oasis

Cultivated for millennia, this spring-fed oasis today remains a lush and fertile plain with sustainable farming at its core. Picturesque trails and a collection of cafes and restaurants also offer a wealth of walking and relaxation opportunities.

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The capital of the Dadan and Lihyan kingdoms, the city of Dadan stands amongst the most significant discoveries in AlUla. Dating back to the late-9th century BCE, the ancient site was meticulously built from stone in the region’s valley oasis.


Jabal Ikmah

Officially recognised by UNESCO for its historical significance, Jabal Ikmah has been dubbed an ‘open-air library’ due to it featuring the largest concentration of Dadanitic inscriptions carved on rock faces in the world.


Ashar Valley

As well as a natural marvel of majestic rock formations and scenic canyons, Ashar Valley is home to some of AlUla's top accommodation, high-end shopping and the award-winning Maraya – the world’s largest mirrored building.

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