Sharaan by Jean Nouvel

Opening 2023. Inspired by the ancient Nabataeans, Sharaan by Jean Nouvel is a celebration of AlUla’s magnificent landscape. Carved into a sandstone outcrop, the resort will feature 40 rooms, three villas and 14 pavilions. Use of natural light and sandstone walls connect the resort and its guests to the landscape and its rich history. Each suite will also include a balcony, providing guests with stunning views of AlUla scenery.

Resort Details

  • Sandstone walls
  • Circular courtyard carved from a sandstone hillside
  • 40 rooms
  • 3 villas
  • 14 pavilions

Resort Photos


Open Now Shaden Resort

Nestled against magnificent rock formations, Shaden’s luxury villas, suites and rooms each offer private patios and access to a vast pool and lounge complex. Several on-site restaurants and coffee shops, a business centre and more ensure your stay is comfortable.

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Open Now Sahary AlUla Resort

Exquisitely landscaped and surrounded by AlUla’s trademark sandstone mountains, this secluded resort offers private suites and rooms with outdoor seating and garden views, an on-site cafe and a game room.


Gathern Accommodation

We have qualified a group of expert preferred destination management companies who can work with you on AlUla travel services and packages.

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Opening in 2021 Ashar Resort

Opening in 2021. One or two-bedroom suites and three-bedroom villas are available. Sit fireside on your personal patio, which overlooks iconic AlUla landscapes. Enjoy the on-site restaurant with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean delicacies.

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Opening In 2021 Habitas AlUla Resort

An eco-friendly resort, blending in seamlessly with AlUla's landscape, bringing guests closer to the culture, heritage and environment around them.

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Opening 2023 Sharaan by Jean Nouvel

A tribute to AlUla’s breathtaking landscape, Sharaan’s rooms and villas are cut into a sandstone cliff face. Accommodations feature sandstone walls and balconies to connect guests to the natural beauty and history of AlUla.

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Coming in 2023 Aman Resorts

Aman Resorts is building three new properties in AlUla: an upscale tented camp that will blend with the natural environment, a resort inspired by the local architecture located close to heritage sites, and a sophisticated ranch-style desert resort.