'Inspired by Memories - Oasis Discoveries'

'Inspired by Memories - Oasis Discoveries'

multisensory project revives treasured moments from the oasis

Running from 26 October to 10 January, AlUla’s newest attraction draws from the memories of all those who have lived within the ancient city, bringing to life the rich heritage of the revitalising oasis.
The Oasis
For millennia, AlUla has ignited the senses of residents and travellers. No area within this desert city was as verdant, life-giving, or restorative as its oasis, a place where magnificent memories could be made, and still live on years later.
Heritage Oasis Trail at Night
It is those memories that are brought to life for AlUla’s newest initiative – a tribute to its rich heritage and the echoes of its past that resonate within the hearts and minds of its residents. Entitled "Inspired by Memories - Oasis Discoveries," this project runs from 26 October to 10 January, breathing life into the recollections of AlUla's residents and transforming them into tangible and multisensory experiences for both locals and visitors alike.

Reviving AlUla’s past through the senses

"Inspired by Memories - Oasis Discoveries" fuses the essence of AlUla's past with its present, an innovative approach to cultural place-making deeply rooted in the region's generational memory. The project took shape through an intricate process of interviews and focus groups involving AlUla's residents, capturing their vivid memories of the oasis – the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and textures that have made AlUla a cherished place for generations. The recollections of residents from days of their youth, precious time spent with their family, or exploring nature all come to life through this initiative, granting a new generation the chance to create fresh memories that will last a lifetime.

Journeying through the oasis

"Inspired by Memories - Oasis Discoveries" unfolds in the Summer Farms area of the Cultural Oasis. Residents of AlUla historically shifted between the Summer Farms and the winter hub of AlUla Old Town.

Past and present intertwined

AlUla’s many initiatives are inspired by its storied past. Not merely standalone events, they are part of a broader vision to regenerate the Cultural Oasis. AlUla is on a mission to become a leading global destination for cultural and natural heritage – a place centred around its people and their unique traditions.

"Inspired by Memories - Oasis Discoveries" is more than a series of activities; it's a profound celebration of AlUla's past and the generations of people whose lives and memories have shaped this remarkable oasis. Through taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell, AlUla invites people to rediscover its enduring charm, ensuring that the memories created here will continue to inspire generations to come.
The Oasis of AlUla