AlUla Citrus Festival

Jan 06, 2023 - Jan 21, 2023

The AlUla Citrus Festival returned for its second edition during Winter at Tantora. Free and open to all, three festive weekends were filled with market stalls of unique citrus fruits and local citrus-based products, live music, kids’ activities, cooking sessions with world-class chefs, and so much more.

AlUla Citrus Festival
The AlUla Citrus Festival celebrated citrus in all forms and the farmers and producers who care for these magnificent trees. Taking place during the peak of the harvest season, the festival was an excellent opportunity for visitors to taste the ripest fruits the oasis had to offer.

Market Stalls
Guests had the chance to buy fruits directly from the farmers, tasted the tang of freshly squeezed juice and found local, family-owned businesses selling citrus-based products, like jams, cakes, baked goods, handicrafts, perfumes, and soaps.

Family Fun
The Citrus Festival created a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. There were plenty of activities to keep the kids engaged, from dance performances and games to a live painting display and local bands.

Cooking Sessions
Renowned chefs showed how to prepare locally-inspired dishes using fruits like sweet lemons, lime grapefruits, pomelos, kumquats and citrons, which are all grown in the lush AlUla orchards. As well as being used in traditional recipes, visitors discovered how the residents of AlUla have used fruits in local remedies, medicines and even perfumes for generations.

Citrus Inspired Art
Beautiful citrus displays were made by local artists, showcasing the many different varieties of citrus grown on the over 200,000 citrus trees of AlUla.

Winter at Tantora: 22 Dec 2022 - 21 Jan 2023

The highly anticipated Winter at Tantora, the very first music and culture festival in the Kingdom, returned for its fourth edition from 22 December 2022 until 21 January 2023.

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