Experience Returning October 2021

No ENTRY ticket required

Close your eyes and imagine a sun-dappled day. Lush palm trees sway gently and the fragrance of citrus perfume fills the fresh air. AlUla’s Orange Path and AlWadi experience is a treat for all of the senses.

Wind through the natural setting of the Orange Path to the citrus market, where you can purchase locally made products from citrus-infused soaps and oils to refreshing juices and delicious cakes.

At AlWadi, local farmers and artisans display and sell their wares amid AlUla’s nature-scape. Stroll between the farms and browse crafts including pottery, palm-weaving and jewellery. Enjoy a cup of coffee or refreshment at Pink Camel. Add to your adventure by renting a digital bike to explore the picturesque area.

Entrance Policy
  • Entry without a mask is not allowed
  • Health status must be displayed through Tawakkalna app
  • Outside food and drinks are not allowed
Experience Details
  • The Citrus market Farmers market are open on weekends only, from 2 PM to  8 Pm
  • The AlWadi and Orange path is open daily and available to the public.
  • On weekdays, you may access the areas until sunset, but remember that markets will be closed.
  • Parking at Almahker Car Park is available.
  • Pink Camel is open 7 AM - 5 PM daily and can be accessed on the AlWadi path.
recommended attire
  • We recommend dressing in comfortable attire suitable for your choice of exploring and/or relaxing. If you plan to stay into the cooler desert evening, be prepared with clothing to layer.
  • Men and women are encouraged to dress modestly in public and avoid tight-fitting clothing. Women should cover their shoulders and knees in public, but do not need to wear traditional clothing.
Ticket Information & Pricing
  • Orange Path and AlWadi are public areas. No entry ticket is required.
Orange Path & AlWadi Path

AlWadi Bicycles

Experience cycling through AlUla’s oasis by renting your bicycle from one of the available stations around the area and enjoy the ride with Laffah.

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Pink Camel - Alwadi Cafe

As you stroll along the Alwadi path, stop and relax at the Pink Camel. Enjoy a delicious sweet treat, small snack or beverage.

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Nature & Outdoor Experiences

Hidden Valley Hike 1.5 Hour Experience

Take to the desert after dark and the tranquil ambiance that surrounds you on the 4km walk.

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Cycling Trail 2 Hour Experience

Follow the pack leader on a leisurely bike ride crossing through the sand dunes and surrounded by AlUla’s unique landscapes.


Oasis Trail 2 Hour Trail

Weave your way through the beautiful AlUla Oasis. This 2 hour tour is self-guided and at your leisure.


Stargazing 4 Hour Experience

AlUla is a fantastic place for stargazing. At AlGharameel, you can enjoy a traditional bedouin set-up, with an expert guide on hand to tell you about the stars and constellations, and how they relate to AlUla’s culture and history.


The Adventure Trail 3 - 4 Hour guided hike

Lace up your hiking shoes and hit the mountains for a half day journey led by an expert guide through the rocky terrain and deep pools of water.