AlUla Trails

AlUla Trails

Adventure Begins

Escape into a desert oasis on the trails in AlUla — a land suspended in time in the north-western region of Saudi Arabia.

Offering exciting excursions off the beaten path, AlUla Trails presents thousands of years of history against a spectacular, almost supernatural desert backdrop. On six unique trails, visitors can partner with local guides who provide in-depth insight into the area’s expansive history, distinct flora and fauna as well as curious rock-art inscriptions. Explore epic heritage sites, stumble upon archaeological treasures and snap photographs of ancient inscriptions carved into towering boulders and soaring cliffs. Experiencing the magic of AlUla is to embrace its history, culture, art and natural beauty. AlUla Trails is a gateway into Saudi Arabia’s past — an unspoiled journey through time. Whether by foot, bike, camel or adrenaline-pumping 4x4, AlUla is a destination that must be seen to be believed.

AlUla Trails


Adventure begins on the Jameel Buthainah Trail — a two-hour bicycle experience that offers views of the native date palms, known for their sweet, delectable fruit. Dates have been a staple in this valley for thousands of years. Or go for a horseback ride on The Contemporary Caravan Trail. Gallop across a kaleidoscope of dunes that change hues as the sun rises and sets, and end the day with an authentic Arabian meal. The Arabian Leopard Trail is perfect for beginners. Hop into a 4x4 and speed into the geologic marvels of AlUla, then hike with a guide who can point out local wildlife and other desert phenomena. For a one-of-a-kind cycling experience, The Train Path offers the chance to bike along the Hijaz Railway as a guide recounts the wondrous tales of Lawrence of Arabia. Once destined to establish a connection between Constantinople and Makkah, construction of the railway was halted during World War I. Today, it remains a fascinating relic of Saudi Arabia’s past.


Unlock the mysteries of AlUla’s rock art and inscriptions on both the Lost Knight and Rock Art Trails. The Arabian Peninsula is known for its rock-art heritage, tracing back thousands of years. An ideal afternoon adventure, the Lost Knight Trail is a three-hour discovery experience in the untamed wilds of AlUla. Visitors have the choice of riding a 4x4 or camel or simply hiking on foot as a guide leads the way to messages carved in the aged stone.

On the Rock Art Trail, discover popular rock-art hotspots on a 90-minute walking tour. Traverse the breathtaking Ashar Valley to witness depictions of camels, ibex and hunters on the prowl. With the ancient art dating between 1000 BCE and 300 CE, you’ll feel transported through time as history comes to life on the rock. From detailed chariots ready for battle to lions poised to strike, these depictions are best viewed with a camera or binoculars.

Uncover the wonders of AlUla’s enchanting geological formations

Throughout the region, you’ll see sand-drifted canyons, red-rock cliff faces, black basalt atop towering mesas and more unique outcrops and rock formations — all surrounded by seas of desert sand deposits.

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