AlUla Quality Stamp Award

AlUla Quality Stamp Award

Experiences excelling in their area of visitor experience.

The Visitor Experience Vision

Every provider, public entity and members of the local community in AlUla, are committed to providing the highest standards of visitor experience across the destination through all visitor services from pre-arrival to post-departure.
To ensure that all visitors to AlUla are offered a world-class experience by bringing standards of excellence to all visitor touch-points.

To support local businesses and individuals in delivering the highest levels of hospitality and service to visitors of AlUla.

To create a community of like-minded businesses and individuals in AlUla to enable the enhancement of the visitor experience.

To create a community of like-minded businesses and individuals in AlUla to enable the enhancement of the visitor experience.


What is the AlUla Quality Stamp?
The AlUla Quality Stamp is our way of acknowledging excellence across all visitor touch points in AlUla, to reward service providers and to give visitors assurance that their experience will be of a high standard.
Why has the AlUla Quality Stamp been created?
The AlUla Quality Stamp has been created to showcase the best that AlUla has to offer the visitor.
It is used to reward businesses and individuals that offer visitors to AlUla the highest levels of welcome, service and hospitality.

It is also an excellent reference for visitors who want to be sure of the quality of the product they are engaging with.
How can businesses apply to be awarded the AlUla Quality Stamp?
An assessment of the product or service will be made to ascertain whether the required level of quality standards have been met.
What happens next?
The qualifying business can display the AlUla Quality Stamp on their digital and printed assets.

Details of qualifying businesses will be published by RCU as part of visitor information and publicity assets.

Visitors look out for the AlUla Quality Stamp when booking products and services.
When are Individuals rewarded with the AlUla Quality Pin?
Individuals will be rewarded with the AlUla Quality Pin when they have excelled in their area of visitor experience.
When do businesses get awarded the AlUla quality stamp?
Businesses will be awarded the AlUla Quality Stamp when they reach the required level of quality standards.

They will be able to use the AlUla Quality Stamp in their marketing and on branded items as long as they maintain standards.

Our Visitor Experience Team will make quality assurance visits to ensure standards are being maintained.

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