Hegra by Horse Carriage

From SAR 135

Explore Hegra at sunrise or sunset, as the ancient Nabataeans would have, atop a handcrafted wooden horse carriage.

Duration: 2 hours

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There's plenty to see at Saudi Arabia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most significant preserved city of the Nabataean civilisation south of Petra. Arrive at the Hegra South Gate to check in and start your tour. A Rawi, one of our experienced guides and storytellers, will lead you through each stop on the tour, starting with the iconic Tomb of Lihyan son of Kuza, followed by Jabal Banat and Jabal Ahmar.

Key Information
Duration: 2 hours
Meeting location: Hegra South Gate
Arrival time: 15 minutes before booking time
Single ticket (shared carriage) from SAR 135
Private carriage (1-4 pax) from SAR 400
What’s Included
  • 2-hour excursion in a heritage horse carriage
  • Professional guide (English/Arabic)
  • Arabic coffee, tea, water, dates
  • Free parking at Hegra South Gate

Highlights for this tour include:
  • Tomb of Lihyan son of Kuza
  • Jabal Banat
  • Jabal Ahmar
Open seven days a week
  • Sunrise tour: 7 am
  • Sunset tour: 4 pm
Know before you go
  • Pre-registration is required. Please bring your ID and ticket for check-in.
  • Late arrivals or no-shows may result in you forfeiting your experience.
  • This experience is not suitable for people of determination.
  • Early mornings and desert nights can be chilly; we strongly recommend you bring a warm jacket.
Hegra by Horse Carriage

Heritage Product Terms

Terms & Conditions
To protect our heritage:
The heritage sites have been part of AlUla’s cultural landscape for thousands of years. We hope the visitors who explore these sites will preserve this historic area by adhering to the following:

Please do:
  • Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints.
  • Please adhere to the designated walking paths and do not enter non-designated areas, such as the tombs. There is still much to be discovered about AlUla, and entering the tombs or other areas may damage the antiquities yet to be discovered underneath.
  • Please avoid distorting or marking the rock surfaces, including touching our pouring water on the engravings.
  • Do not remove rocks or take anything from the heritage sites.
  • Keep these sites clean; put your litter in the allocated bin.
  • For your safety, please do not climb rocky ledges.
Please Do Not
  • Do not scratch, draw or in anyway mark the monuments.
  • Do not climb.
  • Heritage sites are non-smoking except in the designated smoking areas.
  • Do not remove or take anything from the tombs.
  • Do not remove or take anything from the ground.
  • No fires of any kind are permited including campfires.
  • No trees or plants are to be removed.

Visitors who mistreat the monuments will be asked to leave and will not be allow to revisit in future.
Cancellation & Refund Policy
Customer Bookings: We will gladly refund the ticket price of cancelled experiences up to 3 days before the scheduled tours. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund credit card fees. Experiences cancelled within 1–3 days before your tour may be rebooked if timeslots are available but are not eligible for refund. We are unable to refund or rebook experiences cancelled on the day of scheduled tours.

Booked through 3rd Party or Travel Agent: If you booked your experience through a third party, please coordinate with them on policies, changes and updates.

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