AlUla - The World's Masterpiece

AlUla - The World's Masterpiece

2021 Campaign Summary


AlUla is unlike any other place on earth. Considered one of the oldest cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with great historical, geological, and geographical importance, AlUla is unique for the depth of its storytelling.

AlUla was a home for nomads who once passed by and contemplated the magic of its nature, leaving traces of their language, culture and way of life behind. Masterpieces have been cut into the elaborate rock facades of tombs dating back millennia. Etchings of animals, people, rituals and produce, offer countless narratives from civilisations long gone but still alive in spirit.

Today, AlUla's historical riches and natural masterpieces inspire a new generation of creators and storytellers who want to envision their own stories and share them with the world. Modern day architectural wonders and contemporary artworks complement the natural and historical artworks and deliver on the title of “The greatest masterpiece known to history”.


To build a distinctive, aspirational brand for Destination AlUla—that delivers over a longer term, consistent and differentiated positioning of the destination in its core home market. 


A boutique heritage and cultural destination that is embraced by Saudi Nationals and Residents for their own leisure trips and that spurs them on to proactively advocate for the destination across their networks and become repeat travellers.


Deepen the Kingdom’s pride and affection for AlUla.
Deliver the world’s most desired boutique heritage and cultural destination.


2021 - 90,0000 visitors
2022 - 130,000 visitors


  • Targeted campaign activity to reach three core identified audience segments that collectively make up 64% of all affluent travellers in the GCC region.
  • Luxury Experience Seekers, Escapists, Affluent Nomads; these three priority segments share the need to explore something out of the ordinary, a place that surprises them, that no one has seen.  These audience segments appreciate the joys of discovery with high-end experiences. They respond to adventure, peace and wellness activities combined with arts, culture and rich heritage.
  • The brand film tested extremely positive with the target audience, reaching levels of over 95% of likeability. The film delivers strong association with heritage, culture and arts, and a  feeling of pride and affection for the destination.


AlUla’s first-ever brand film called for the expertise of an amazing director. Bruno Aveillan was commissioned to deliver on the Masterpiece concept. Known worldwide for his mesmerizing blend of cinematic style and groundbreaking effects, Bruno Aveillan has set the benchmark for branded content with his films for brands such as Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Swarovski Crystals, Audi, and Samsung, among many others. An art director early in his career, Bruno draws inspiration from his painting roots, emphasizing drawing, research, and studying the works of classic artists. With his incredible attention to detail, artistic sensibility and dedication, Bruno has left an indelible impression on viewers, critics, and the industry trades alike. Among Bruno's awards are Cannes Lion, New York Festivals, D&AD, Clio, AICP. He’s also co-directed spots with Martin Scorsese and Oliver Stone.


  • AlUla as a place, has high awareness in KSA however, we have never spoken to a wide audience with brand voice. After two weeks of pure brand, co-branded creative with strategic partner Saudia and Saudia Holidays will commence.
  • The conversion and sales phase of the campaign will be emphasized in eight weeks, to drive conversion for shoulder and summer and build length of stay and tourism expenditure.
  • With the pandemic still affecting travel around the world, AlUla’s vast open spaces and strict health and safety measures make it a safe and inspirational option for tourists.
  • AlUla’s heritage sites are now open as year-round experiences and those intending to visit are advised to plan ahead and book their tickets and other adventure and nature experiences at less busy times of year and consider mid-week as an option.


The campaign targets affluent travellers in KSA primarily with some overspill into GCC. ​


The campaign targets affluent travellers in KSA primarily with some overspill into GCC.


The campaign was conceived by Leo Burnett and produced by Quad Productions. Saudia will be featured as the key tactical partner in phase 2 of the campaign. 

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2021 The World's Masterpiece Campaign Campaign Summary

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