17 March - 27 March

Leaning into AlUla’s history as a place for respite and relaxation, the AlUla Oasis became a focal point for wellness. AlUla Wellness was an 11-day festival about healthy lifestyles, holistic living and fostering communities. The Five Senses Sanctuary offered yoga, meditation and mindfulness by world-renowned practitioners and MindTravel combined mindfulness and music in a thought-provoking ‘silent’ piano experience. The second edition of EcoTrail and the expert-led group classes at Fitness X Music brought high energy and a rush of endorphins. In AlUla, wellness connects your mind, body and soul.

Wellness Festival 2022 Event Highlights

18 March - 27 March Five Senses Sanctuary

In a wellness project unlike anything seen in the region before, the Five Senses Sanctuary was an all-day wellness experience offering unlimited classes, workshops and talks by celebrity yogis and renowned wellness practitioners from around the world. This extraordinary 10-day event brought together a like-minded community, sharing a unique experience of learning, growth and inspiration.

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26 March MindTravel AlUla

Composer and pianist Murray Hidary has crafted transformative, healing music and mindfulness experiences for audiences across the globe, which he has named MindTravel. This live-to-headphones 'silent' immersive music performance gave a unique individual journey to each guest while also creating a collective experience, set among the breathtaking views of AlUla.

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23 March - 28 March Fitness X Music

This six-day pop-up event offered an outdoor-studio fitness experience set in the magical AlUla Oasis. Brought to AlUla by PULSE, Jeddah's premier boutique fitness studio, each day offered workout sessions with top qualified professional trainers. Passers-by could dine on delicious poke bowls and sushi at the Lugmety Restaurant and Lounge and enjoyed the free daily wellness talks and performances!

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20 February - 31 March Garden of Moments

The Garden of Moments was a uniquely immersive sensory experience. Framed by the stunning mountain views of Jabal Ikmah, this installation created patterns of sound and light activated by peoples' movements and interactions. Guests tapped, listened, watched and interacted with this thought-provoking installation.

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18 March - 19 March EcoTrail AlUla 2022

EcoTrail returned to AlUla to challenge international athletes, amateur runners, and children alike. From an 80 km ultramarathon, a 50 km marathon, a 25 km half marathon or a 10 km fun run as well as a 1.2 km kids' race, there was something for everyone! On a breathtaking trail, runners saw Maraya, Elephant Rock, Hegra and more as they challenge themselves in a race unlike any other.

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21st December - 12th February Winter at Tantora

Winter at Tantora uplifted the rich culture and history of AlUla in a dynamic, six-week celebration. This unique festival offered boutique events centred around music, culture, food and horse heritage. The highlights included the Fursan Endurance Cup, Richard Mille AlUla Desert Polo, Dolce&Gabbana's first-ever Saudi Fashion Cavalry Show, the Winter at Tantora Celebration and AlUla's Citrus Festival!

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13th February - 31st March AlUla Arts Festival

AlUla Arts encouraged creativity. Embracing the innovation present in AlUla for thousands of years, this festival brought a mix of ancient and contemporary art all throughout AlUla. From the incredible large-scale art installations of Desert X AlUla 2022 and photography of Cortona On The Move to What Lies Within at the award-winning Maraya and the AlUla Performing Arts Festival in AlJadidah, AlUla celebrated its legacy of being a cultural crossroads.

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27th February - 12th March AlUla Skies

AlUla Skies inspired imagination. This festival had the magnificent AlUla Skies alive with action. From floating over Hegra in an AlUla Hot Air Balloon and a Guinness World Records™ title-winning Glow Show to the world's longest drone show soaring through the night sky and a spine-tingling Symphony Under the Stars set under the magnificent Arch Rock, in AlUla, the sky is the limit!

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17 March - 27 March AlUla Wellness Festival

AlUla Wellness gathered regional and international experts in the health and wellness field for a holistic festival. From the Five Senses Sanctuary and the 'silent' piano of MindTravel to Fitness X Music and the EcoTrail, it offered exciting new activities for the mind, body and soul set amongst the backdrop of AlUla's beautiful and timeless landscapes.

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