Wadi AlFann presents Manal AlDowayan

Immerse yourself in Manal AlDowayan's 'Oasis of Stories' and her exhibition presented in collaboration with Sabrina Amrani Gallery in AlJadidah




9 Feb to 23 Mar


Oasis of Stories


1-2 hours


Wadi AlFann showcases Manal AlDowayan's work, including 'Oasis of Stories', a large-scale installation inspired by AlUla’s Old Town. This free to attend exhibition features drawings from over 1,000 community participants, soon to be part of the permanent installation. Alongside, an exhibition in collaboration with Sabrina Amrani Gallery presents AlDowayan's diverse artworks.

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Manal AlDowayan

Manal AlDowayan is one of the first five artists commissioned to exhibit at/in Wadi AlFann, opening 2026, alongside Agnes Denes, Michael Heizer, Ahmed Mater and James Turrell. This is the first time the drawings gathered from her participatory workshops are being exhibited to the public, a crucial milestone in the trajectory and development of her work 'Oasis of Stories', and therefore of Wadi AlFann.


Oasis of Stories

Oasis of Stories

An immersive journey by Manal AlDowayan, this exhibition showcases 1,000+ community stories through art workshops, soon to be immortalised in a labyrinth-like maze by 2026. It reflects AlUla's rich heritage, inspired by Old Town's walls

Their Love is like All Loves, Their Death is Like

Their Love Is Like All Loves, Their Death Is Like All Deaths

Manal AlDowayan's exhibition in collaboration with Sabrina Amrani Gallery, showcasing for the first time outside Spain, is a mix of tussar silk sculptures, AlUla-inspired drawings, engraved clay works, and Sadu weaving, mirroring Saudi traditions.

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