Self-Camping in AlUla

Bring your camping gear, enjoy adventures off the beaten path, and explore AlUla's majestic canyons and sandstone mountains.

Remember to take only photographs and leave only footprints.

Self-Camping in AlUla

Camping with Family and Friends

AlUla has two authorised and dedicated camping sites for free camping, where adventurers and free-spirited campers can enjoy nights around the fire with friends and family. 

Please download the location information and guidelines for your safety and the protection of the environment.

Authorised Camping Location 1: Qaa AlHaj – North East AlUla - View on Google

Authorised Camping Location 2: Off Khaybar Road – South East AlUla - View on Google

Large Scale Authorised Campsites

For those with longer-term plans to set up and enjoy their own private and secluded campsites, you can now choose one of the ten dedicated large-scale campsites ranging from 20,000 m2 up to 380,000 m2.

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