Alicia Keys and Good Intentions in AlUla

Alicia Keys is a 15-time GRAMMY® Award-winning singer, songwriter, musician, producer, founder of Keys Soulcare, New York Times best-selling author, film/television and Broadway producer, accomplished actress, entrepreneur, and a powerful force in the world of activism.

With her distinct voice and uplifting messages, not to mention her inspiring women’s empowerment and community outreach initiatives, AlUla was very excited to welcome Alicia Keys to our beautiful oasis. In continuation of building a legacy and a narrative with AlUla’s culture & heritage, Alicia’s visit celebrated the shared vision of the role of history and art and worked to empower a young generation of women to lead successful creative journeys.

Alicia Keys returned to AlUla with Good Intentions, a newly launched Saudi-based creative consultancy, for a weekend filled with events and special experiences. From visiting the art installations of Desert X AlUla 2022 and her concert at the award-winning Maraya to a unique off-the-record dialogue at Madrasat AdDeera entitled “Women to Women” and a celebratory parade marking the end of the Winter at Tantora Festival, her visit left a lasting impression on the people of AlUla and all who attended these events!

Alicia Keys Visit to AlUla


During her tour of AlUla, Alicia Keys saw the incredible large-scale art installations of Desert X AlUla 2022. Returning for its second edition from 11 February – 30 March 2022, the site-responsive, thought-provoking pieces explore “Sarab,” the themes of oasis and mirage. Alicia appeared as a stunning mirage herself in our beautiful desert landscape while visiting these incredible works by 15 international artists.

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Alicia Keys Visit to AlUla


Alicia Keys lit up the Maraya stage with original and unlocked songs from her latest album entitled ‘Keys,’ as well as some other classics. A mesmerizing performance to a sold-out crowd made sure this ‘One Night Only’ concert in AlUla was truly special. Keys’ set at Maraya was a tribute to the magic of the people and the ancient city she has come to appreciate. You can still watch the live broadcast of her performance on AlUla Moments YouTube channel.

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Alicia Keys Visit to AlUla

Women to Women

As part of her visit to AlUla, for selected invited guests, Alicia Keys joined HRH Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al-Saud, the first female Saudi ambassador to the US, and a group of other creative Saudi women in an intimate town hall style conversation, “Women to Women,” hosted by Good Intentions. Saudi women from all different backgrounds spoke up, expressed their opinions, asked questions and shared knowledge. Women encouraged each other to uplift, support, mentor and inspire each other to create the generous community the world deserves.

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Alicia Keys Visit to AlUla


In celebration of the end of Winter at Tantora and the start of the AlUla Arts Festival, AlUla hosted an extra special event. Parading through AlUla Old Town were players from the La Dolfina Saudi Polo Team, Arabian horses from the Fursan Endurance Cup, fashion tack from the Dolce&Gabbana runway show and the cast from the Path of Poets immersive show all dressed in traditional garb. Excited to see the buzz in AlUla Old Town, Alicia Keys joined in on this spectacular parade, greeting locals and visitors alike.

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Alicia Keys Visit to AlUla

Supporting Female Businesses

In line with Alicia’s vision for self-care and mindfulness came the launch of her lifestyle beauty brand, Keys Soulcare, which Alicia leads as the founder and Goddess-in-Chief. The collection of offerings aims to go beyond skincare and illuminates true care for the whole self; body, mind, and spirit. In support of small businesses, AlUla is proud to showcase Keys Soulcare products at the female-owned Base & Boon x AURA salon and spa in AlJadidah.

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Alicia Keys Quote on Returning to AlUla

“There is no denying the beauty and enchantment of AlUla. I have always been an explorer, and I adore discovering ancient places and what has been left behind of times long gone. But there is something more. I met women business owners here that had a powerful sense of creating meaningful experiences. I visited a women’s music school in the old town and got to see firsthand the continuation of the timeless artisan traditions here. I feel the future emerging in a way I was never aware of before. And as an artist, I feel a sense of belonging and connection - with nature, with the humanity, with the magic of this special place. I have been really enjoying doing these “One Night Only” shows all over the world in special once in a lifetime locations. I’m excited to add AlUla to the very exclusive and special list.”

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