Horse Trail

Horse Trail

Horse Trail

Operated By: HUSAAK Adventures

Travel through time in an intimate horseback riding experience while crossing through desert landscapes enriched with breathtaking canyon scenes and panoramic vistas at every turn.

Horse Trail Details

Key Information
  • Meeting point at Winter Park Southern Entrance
  • Guided 1.5-2 hour horseback riding experience (6 Km)
  • Medium-difficulty flat ride
  • We highly recommend dressing in comfortable attire and shoes, bringing your hat, sunscreen, jacket/windbreaker, polar fleece, and backpack
What's Included
  • Experienced guide
  • Transportation from Winter Park to trail start and back
  • Water
Experience Itinerary
Morning Trip:
7:30 AM - Meet at Winter Park
8:00 AM - Departure from Winter Park
8:45 AM - Arrive on site and start briefing
9:15 AM - Start the trail
10:45 AM - Finish the trail
11:45 AM - Arrive back at Winter Park
Midday Trip:
2:30 PM - Meet at Winter Park
3:00 PM - Departure from Winter Park
3:45 PM - Arrive on site and start briefing
4:15 PM - Start the trail
5:45 PM - Finish the trail
6:45 PM - Arrive back at Winter Park
Entrance Policy
  • Please arrive at Winter Park 30 mins before departure to allow time for transfer and registration
  • If driving, park free of charge in the designated areas at Winter Park
  • Upon completing entrance formalities, transfer arrangements will be made
  • Late arrival for your booked time may result in missing your trip.
Horse Trail

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