AlUla Catwalk

Nov 06, 2021

On November 6th, AlUla hosted a charity walk for Big Cat Conservation in collaboration with Catmosphere, the first #CATWALK2021. This free event was to support the critically endangered Arabian Leopard.

AlUla Catwalk

Supporters showed solidarity for these beautiful creatures by walking 7km through the Sharan Nature Reserve or 700m through the AlUla Oasis.

With less than 200 Arabian Leopards left worldwide, our mission to help does not stop here. AlUla is actively researching the reintroduction of the Arabian Leopard into the Arabian Peninsula, specifically within the Sharaan Nature Reserve. As valuable members of our ecosystem, we must take care of these beautiful creatures. Come try to spot the Arabian Leopard for yourself on a 4x4 Safari through the Sharaan Nature Reserve!

     PHOTO-2021-11-03-17-49.jpg         PHOTO-2021-11-03-17-49-17.jpg

Thank you for supporting the Arabian Leopard. Take a look at what Catmosphere is doing next to support Big Cat Conservation.

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