Summer in AlUla

Summer in AlUla

A summer of splendour awaits in AlUla

AlUla’s unequalled splendour, up to 5°C/10°F milder evening weather and low humidity throughout these summer months make it a unique destination in the Arabian Peninsula. During the day, our verdant oasis gives shade and becomes a place for respite and relaxation. At night, our clear skies allow you an unspoiled view of the stars above. From ancient heritage sites unfolding hidden histories to the unmatched thrills of adrenaline-pumping adventures, your summer is a story yet untold.

How will you write your summer story?

5 Reasons to Visit AlUla in the Summer

1. Escape the Humidity
AlUla has been a haven for travellers across the peninsula for centuries. The magnificent mountains that form the AlUla valley give way to milder weather, allowing for outdoor dining in the evening and morning or night hikes and trails through stunning sceneries. 

2. Summer Meteor Showers
With a 90% chance of clear skies in AlUla as opposed to other major Arabian cities, escape into the wild desert and get lost in AlUla’s expansive open spaces. The ancient landscape is the perfect blank canvas for Mother Nature to paint twinkling stars across clear summer skies.

3. Skip the City Crowds
With packed malls in big cities across the Arabian Peninsula, summer in AlUla allows for a slower pace and more space to yourself. Find quiet contemplation in the AlUla Oasis or capture the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra in peace. Instagram vs Reality? Not in AlUla.

4. Disconnect from the Day to Day
Historically a central stop for weary travellers, AlUla has always been a place of respite and relaxation. Disconnect from routine and join us in our serene desert refuge this summer. With special wellness workshops and meditation courses offered at Habitas AlUla, now is the time to focus on you.

5. Immersive Experiences
Take a hike through the Hidden Valley and let the soft glow of the moonlight lead you through amber dunes and across weather-worn sandstone canyons. For the best views of the region, embark on an epic helicopter tour or soar through the skies on an adrenaline-packed zipline experience.

Summer Untold

Flight + Accommodation Packages

Plan your next adventure with ease. We’ve partnered with Holidays by Saudia to create flight and accommodation packages for you to explore AlUla and unravel new worlds in an unforgettable summer.

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Take a look at our top 10 experiences to inspire an unforgettable summer, from uncovering ancient history, to flying on KSA’s longest and fastest zipline, to hiking through breathtaking canyons, and to gazing up at a never-ending sea of stars. AlUla is your perfect summer getaway.

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Summer Untold

Experiences & Accommodation Packages

Leave the planning to the travel experts at Alboraq and GoZahid for your next summer adventure. They’ve crafted getaway deals, taking care of hotel and experience bookings so your main focus can be on fun.

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Recommended Summer Itineraries

Your summer starts here! We’ve thoughtfully crafted 2-, 3- and 5-day itineraries to help tailor your perfect AlUla summer. Whether you’re looking for the Best of AlUla or to dive deep into adrenaline activities, check out these exciting itineraries for ideas for your trip.

Discover AlUla Itineraries

Summer Untold

Summer Accommodation Offers

Luxurious eco-hotels and whimsical glamping experiences are just some of the excellent summer accommodation options in AlUla! Check out what great deals are offered this season.

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Heritage + Adventure Experiences

From the rich history of Hegra to the daring adventures of KSA’s longest and fastest zipline, AlUla offers an amazing array of experiences for you to craft the perfect summer escape.

Unfold Ancient History Heritage
Thrills Unmatched Adventure

See what incredible summer experiences await you in AlUla!

Taste of AlUla

Bright citrus fruits and farm-fresh vegetables bring vibrant colours to the summer plates of AlUla. With outdoor dining in the evenings and various dining options, spanning traditional, international and contemporary cuisines, experience the taste of AlUla this summer.


ACME’s unique burgers and delicious bites bring fun new flavours to AlUla’s Old Town. From refreshing drinks to savoury snacks, an exciting menu awaits kids and adults alike.

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Alfa's Lounge

Tucked away in a beautiful canyon, Alfa’s Lounge is the perfect place to enjoy a coffee or have dinner under the stars, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of AlUla.

Open daily from 6:00 pm – 1:00 am

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AlNakheel Café

A relaxed and casual dining venue, Palm Garden is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Ashar Deck

Situated overlooking Habitas AlUla’s large infinity pool, Tama Restaurant and the striking canyon landscape, Ashar Deck is an open-air lounge area in the heart of the Ashar Valley— a place to gather, relax and unwind.

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Located on the edge of the AlUla Oasis sits the charming Italian restaurant Circolo. Find authentic antipasti, artisanal pizza and more in this gorgeous outdoor setting.

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Combining an artistic vibe with healthy food options, Ppl. is great for those in hurry as well as if you want to stop while, catch up with social media, read a book, or just hang out with friends.

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Pink Camel Pastry Boutique AlUla

Tucked away in AlUla’s famous date palms and citrus trees, find the adorable Pink Camel Pastry Boutique. Try their famous macarons or a savoury snack and some coffee and sit and enjoy the shade surrounded by the perfumes of the oasis.



The juicy burgers and tasty softies you know and love are coming to AlUla! SALT is taking its food truck inspired menu off-roading and parking its latest branch in front of AlUla’s iconic Elephant Rock.

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Tawlet Fayza

Tawlet Fayza translates to 'Fayza's Table', and family is at the heart of this cosy restaurant. With an ever-evolving menu, it offers farm-to-table organic food inspired by the founder's grandmother, who is originally from the area.

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Fusions of fruit juices and ice cream and waffles brimming with savory or sweet fillings are some of the tasty treats found at WOOP!

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Summer Untold Brochure

For more in-depth information on summer offerings, please see our Summer Untold brochure.

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Must-See AlUla Locations

Explore the awe-inspiring carved sandstone tombs of Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra. Gaze up at the monumental natural rock formation of Elephant Rock, looming large among the desert landscapes. Don’t miss these must-see locations and more in AlUla!


The Nabataean site of Hegra, was the southern capital of the Nabataean kingdom, dating back to the first century BCE. Today, visitors will find that more than 100 well-preserved monumental tombs remain, most with elaborate facades carved from rock formations that are scattered throughout this immense desert landscape.


AlUla Old Town

Look up at the fort above while walking through the labyrinth of streets of AlUla Old Town that was occupied from the 900s CE until the 1980s. Nearly 900 two-storey mud brick houses, 400 shops, five squares and a mosque populated the oasis town. It was a key stop along the Islamic pilgrimage route from Damascus to Makkah. Travellers, traders and pilgrims would be met outside the town’s walls.



Before the Nabataeans, AlUla was the capital of the ancient kingdoms of Dadan and Lihyan, which controlled the caravan trade in the first millennium BCE. Dadan linked southern Arabian kingdoms producing valuable aromatics to the growing markets in the Mediterranean world. See remarkably well-preserved tombs, expertly carved from a towering red-rock mountain face that overlooks the valley oasis. A special highlight is the famed Lion Tombs marked by seated lion sculptures.


Jabal Ikmah

What was part of the caravan way station served as a record keeper of sorts with carvings providing information to researchers about the way of life of the Dadanites, Lihyanites and others. Hundreds of inscriptions referring to journeys, pilgrimage, ritual and offerings can be found here. Rock art depicting humans, chariots, harps, camels, bovines, goats, scorpions and ibex can all be spotted.



AlUla’s art and culture hub, AlJadidah, is a must-visit location in AlUla. Beautiful murals bring an artistic touch to the pedestrian-friendly area that offers restaurants for dining and five distinct squares to explore.


Elephant Rock (Jabal Alfil)

Take a seat in our comfortable and stylish sunken seating, sit back and enjoy the view of our most famous geological formation Elephant Rock as she looms large over you.


AlUla Old Town Market

Explore Old Market Street in AlUla Old Town and shop a variety of retail stores featuring local artisans, entrepreneurs, cafes and more. Cultural activations, handicraft stores, local specialty foods to name a few, are featured for guests to discover and learn more about the wonders of AlUla.


Harrat Viewpoint

Enjoy the outdoor terrace, built to blend in with the magnificent surroundings. Telescopes allow you to see further, finding constellations and stories among the stars.


Covid-19 Information & FAQs

We strive to make your visit to this amazing destination as safe as possible. See our FAQ page to learn more about our protocols and to answer any other questions you might have when travelling to AlUla.

Flying to AlUla

Saudia Airlines and Flynas fly into and out of AlUla International Airport (ULH). The newly renovated airport is located just 35 km (a 30-minute drive) from the city centre.

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Where to Stay

Looking for a place to rest after a long day’s adventure? From high-end luxury to sustainable eco-resorts, AlUla offers a range of accommodation options.

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Where to Eat

In AlUla there are many dining options to replenish your energy after a day of exploring. Casual to fine dining options are available.

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What to Do

Unlock the secrets of this open-air museum, where an exciting collection of immersive experiences and activities bring its stories to life.

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